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  Volume 3                                     April,   2001                                          Issue 10


"A Fair Man" by Esperanza Isaac

Many times I've been told by people how lucky I must feel about having known Jack Lord. Although they are indeed right, the first word that comes to my mind is not necessarily "lucky". I should say instead that I consider myself "honored" to have met and befriended such a special individual.

Jack, always determined at all costs to protect his privacy, gave little away about who he really was away from the cameras. Only through very rare interviews, rumors or unfounded tabloid gossip, the general public managed somehow to get some kind of picture of the famous but elusive star. In this way, most people got to know that Jack Lord apart from being an actor was also a talented artist whose paintings were sought after by serious collectors and prestigious galleries. All true, but also in the same manner people also learned that the charismatic Lord was a person difficult to work for, a conceited tyrant who could make your life hell. The thing is, after refusing to give any interviews, resentful and frustrated reporter would print material obtained second, third and fourth hand as gospel truth. Such content made worse by the inclusion of the writers' own imagined stories, has distorted the true image of one of America's greatest actors.

I would like to believe that twenty years of wonderful friendship may give me the right to correct a few errors. Many loyal fans reading these lines may want to ask the question, "What was Jack Lord really like?" It would take a book to write about the complexities of such a figure, gifted with so many attributes. As a kind of prologue however, I could say that in many aspects, Jack Lord was not unlike the character McGarrett. Jack was above all an extremely honest man with a great sense of justice. He was someone who believed in honor and good old fashion values, someone who was constantly shocked by the darkest side of man. He felt uneasy about all the negative aspects of the human condition, disloyalty, cruelty, greed. 

Jack loved nature in the way a father loves his child, finding the deepest enjoyment in the simplest things he could see such as observing the working day of a minute ant, the graceful swimming of the dolphins or the swaying of an insignificant little flower in the middle of a rough and rocky patch of land. His greatest love was the sea and everything which it contains. He fought for the whale and the environment at a time when genuine concern about the fate of the planet was in its infancy.

Jack's love of nature came from a spirit filled with the greatest sensitivity. As an 8 year old, his eyes filled with tears at the sight of three older boys throwing stones at a small sparrow. Regardless of his own safety, he confronted the "torturers". Jack left with a black eye and several bruises, but the enemies didn't do any better. They eventually disbanded nursing dozens of teeth marks, bumps and many scratches. The small hero was unable to save the bird but at least had the satisfaction of giving the unfortunate creature a decent burial. 

A B&W photo of Jack Lord

This childhood sensitivity stayed with Jack all his life. It was what made him a "fair man", someone full of empathy towards humankind, Although extremely compassionate and understanding, Jack never lost sight of the importance of individual potential. Thus, he constantly encouraged others to better themselves. He could not emphasize enough how crucial it was for people to obtain qualifications, how seriously they should take their work and how important it was to develop any talent. Jack accepted the fact that he was a perfectionist, but many misunderstood this aspect of his personality choosing instead to see it as something negative. They failed to see that Jack Lord, far from being a tyrant was just an individual who always strived for excellence. It was this determination that made Hawaii Five-0 such an enjoyable and interesting show that to this day is still hugely popular. Jack wanted everybody in the series to do their best, not just for the show, but more importantly for themselves.

Jack was a great believer in the supreme importance of spiritual growth (although not in the religious sense) and in the enrichment of the mind. Many know Jack Lord as an actor and as an artist, but what they don't realize is how vast his knowledge was in many other areas. Jack was indeed a true intellectual who read voraciously. Apart from Art, he covered many other subjects such as Literature, Philosophy, Architecture and History. "The day I cannot learn something new I will die" he would say.

There was a lot more to Jack Lord that what people learned from good or inaccurate information. Once I asked Jack how he wanted to be remembered. He never said he wanted to be remembered as a great TV star. He just said, "All I want is to be remembered as a fair man" and that he was!

We will never forget Jack, not because he was a "fair man", but because he embodied all the good things man is capable of.

(Esperanza Isaac is the chairperson behind the Jack Lord Memorial. It is through her efforts and those of her committee members that the planned tribute to Jack is underway. Keep checking the website for updates. The website address and information as to how to make a donation to the memorial can be found at the end of this newsletter.)

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Just Stuff

From Teresa Fogarty: I was watching an episode of "The West Wing" last night (in my opinion, this is the best TV drama to come out of the US in at least 30 years!) In one scene, two characters were discussing their tactics for a meeting that they were about to enter. The conversation went something like this:

                                        Josh: We're gonna do good cop/bad cop.
                                        Toby: No, we're really not.
                                        Josh: Why not?
                                        Toby: Because this isn't an episode of Hawaii Five-0!


From Flo Faure-Conorton: Marj Dusay has her own website - check out The Friends of Marj at http://www.allmarjdusay.com or you can write for information at 320 West 66th, New York, NY 10023. (I caught an episode of All My Children recently - the character she plays is classy but kind of ... scary!!! I'm not sure I'd want her for MY mother!! She certainly isn't the nice lady I was privileged to meet and have lunch with a few years ago!)


From Mark Speck: I don't know if any of you are familiar with Outre Magazine, but it's a great magazine that deals with pop culture and has lots of TV and movie related articles. Anyhow, in the latest issue, they interview Diana Muldaur and at one point they ask her for her recollections on various TV shows she has guest-starred on, including Hawaii Five-0! Here's what was said about our favorite show:

OUTRE: What about your guest spots on Hawaii Five-0?
MULDAUR: I did two of those. In the first I played Jack Lord's love interest. I think I was about the only one who ever did, and people talk about it all the time. One of the producers of The Tony Randall Show told me, "Oh, I saw it when I was ten and I fell madly in love with you!" (laughs).

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Local Flavor by Cindy Kimura

Hi. It's me again, with another local favorite. My husband likes to get waffle hot dogs from KC drive in. Now there is a difference between a drive in and a drive through. Hawaiians don't drive through anything. They prefer to drive your car, get your food and relax. So back to KC drive in waffle hot dogs.

Normally you would think it would be a waffle wrapped around a hot dog. WRONG! You see when you order the hot dog they ask what condiments you want. You know, pickles, mustard, ketchup etc. After that they make your hot dog. The hot is encased in the waffle along with all your condiments. How they do it, we're not sure but my husband gets them usually after a round of golf.

Unfortunately I'm not a hot dog aficionado but my husband is. Back to drive ins. My husband prefers Rainbow Drive in, one of the oldest on the island of Oahu. Ask any local and they will tell you about Rainbow. They serve the usual hamburgers but the big thing is plate lunches. But that is for another column. So if you're into hot dogs and want to truly try a local favorite when in Oahu, go to KC's and order their waffle hot dog.

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What Were You Watching on September 24, 1974?

An ad for episode I'll Kill'em Again>

 tv guide listing for  I'll Kill'em Again

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     David Birney in Murder Eyes Only

Guest Starring:  David Birney

I have recently had the pleasure of corresponding with the president of the David Birney Fan Club. Ruth Becht has been a friend of David's for many years and is host of a website devoted to David. You can find it at http://home.att.net/~bestbuddy/bestbuddy.html or for our print members, you may contact me and I will pass on her address. 

David made three guest appearances on Hawaii Five-0 playing the drug pushing sailor in Follow the White Brick Road, the hypnotized Naval officer in Murder: Eyes Only and the misguided Congressman in The Silk Trap. Still making occasional guest appearances on television, David had been spending quite a bit of time doing Theater. His last endeavor was in "The Moon For the Misbegotten" by Eugene O'Neill. David did quite a bit of traveling with this production, including a performance in Westfield, Mass which Ruth was able to attend. It was her first introduction to the rotaries so prevalent in that part of Massachusetts, and I should know, I just moved from Springfield, Mass, one town over from Westfield about a year ago after living there all my life. As usual, I was "a day late and a dollar short" in catching David in this well received performance. Maybe he'll make his way to Nashville next!

In the most recent issue of the Club's Newsletter, Ruth asked David what it was like working with Jack Lord on Hawaii Five-0. His response is as follows:

"You know, the stories I had heard about Jack before and after I worked with him were that he was so difficult, such a tyrant and prima donna, not an easy person to work with, someone who created an autocratic atmosphere in which to work, None of this did I find to be true.

"It was clearly his show, no question about that. He was ultimately in control of the show and rightly so, I think. But he was extremely generous with his time. We would frequently sit and talk. The last couple of times I worked the show he would say, 'You know we are going to the next location, do you want to ride with me in my motor home?' So I took the opportunity to spend the time while we drove somewhere.

"He talked a lot about Gary Cooper who had taken him under his wing when he was a young actor. Various things that Cooper had taught him: How to conduct himself on a set, a sort of 'Guide to the Young Actor.' Jack had enormous respect for Cooper. Of course, Cooper deserved that respect, I think. He was in his own category among wonderful actors.

"Jack was generous on camera as well. He would always ask, 'Do you need another take? Do you feel comfortable with that?' So I found him to be exactly the opposite of the image that was common in the industry.

"It was truly an interesting show to work on. A lot of that had to do with the fact that I worked with the same director on several occasions, Michael O'Herlihy who happened to be the brother of Dan, the well known actor. There are wonderful stories about Michael. As a director he always worked wearing a coat and tie. Most important, he was always wrapped by 5 o'clock. Unheard of in television. He would only shoot exactly what he wanted you to see. The film was, in effect, cut in the camera. He would not give the editors or the producers any extra footage to fool around with, no extra takes if he thought the performance was good. I saw him shoot in a day what an average director might take three days to shoot; shooting from one destroyer to another destroyer in a show that was set completely at sea, including a complicated ship to ship transfer (Murder: Eyes Only). He was amazing!

Lt Waldron from Mueder Eyes Only

"After work, Michael would go to the bar at the Kahala Hilton where the company stayed and drink. He did have that problem. A funny story about Michael. You know that the Irish are notoriously anti-English. One night, the night before the Queen of England was to arrive for a stay at the Kahala Hilton, he apparently stayed up late drinking, of course. After 2 a.m. he went downstairs to the flagpole outside the hotel and stuck the Union Jack that was flying to greet the Queen early in the morning upon her arrival. He turned the flag upside down and ran it back up. Upon her arrival the next morning, with an honor guard and band, it was discovered flying upside down - a major insult to the crown. He was never allowed back inside the hotel again."

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Memories of Hawaii Five-0 and McDonald's French Fries!

From John Scott, Jr. comes this memory of Hawaii Five-0. "My father was in two episodes of Hawaii Five-0. At the time, he was publisher of the Honolulu Star Bulletin. In one episode he played the publisher and another he was a judge.

"I remember going to two season premier screenings with the cast and we shared many a dinner with Jack. I do have an interesting story about Jack Lord. He was a McDonald's French Fry nut. There was a dinner out one night when he ordered McDonald's French Fries instead of the house French Fries. That meant some poor waiter had to high-tail it to the closest McDonald's to please Hawaii's main celebrity. (Hey, I don't blame him, they're the best...) Nowadays I wonder if the chef was insulted! 

"Dad used to tell the story that Jack Lord would ONLY east McDonalds' French Fries. Only having a vague recollection of that dinner, I can't remember Jack Lord saying that, but I do remember James MacArthur sitting next to me laughing and asking me if I liked them too!"

(Ed. note: we know the episode in which Mr. Scott played Judge Arnold Peterson was The Computer Killer, but if anyone knows of any other episodes, please let me know so I can forward the information.) 

B&W photo of Jack Lord and two young fans

That's John Scott, Jr. being held by Jack Lord, and his brother Steve.

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Keeping Hawaii Five-0 on the Air

WGN has been showing Five-0 sporadically over the past few months - usually on the weekends in the wee morning hours.  If you get WGN, even if you haven't caught the show, please email them and thank them. I have recently had a chat with a programmer from a small southern Public Television station who told me that the only way stations know if their programming is successful is from feedback. If one station is considering purchasing a program from another station, they will ask about any feedback that came in - or did not come in. It does sometimes help sway decisions as to whether or not to put that show in their line-up. It has been suggested that we contact different national cable channels about the possibility of putting Five-0 on. If everyone would send a note to the stations, it just might do some good. Suggestions have been for 

                   TNT - http://www.tnt-tv.com/asktnt/email_feedback.html

                   TBS - http://www7.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/tbs?people

                   PAX - http://www.pax.tv/contact/

                   USA - shows@usanetwork.com

                   TVLAND - postmaster@tvland.com

TNN doesn't have email but their website is http://www.tnnonline.com/tnn/content.html

It would be wonderful if we could manage to get one of these stations to air Five-0 but they won't if we don't ask! So, please, take a minute and send off a note. It can't hurt!!!!

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Jack Lord Memorial

The Memorial project to honor Jack Lord is well underway. The committee was very successful on their recent trip to Hawaii to get the project underway. The sculptor for the project is Sean Brown, a Hawaiian artist well known for his talent through other pieces in Honolulu. The site for the Memorial is on the grounds of the Kahala Mall. The management and owners considered it an honor to have their mall chosen - especially since Jack was a frequent shopper there!! One other bonus to the mall location is that it may now allow the designers to add water to the actual monument which is approximately 12 - 13 feet tall.

Thanks to everyone who purchased a calendar.  We sent a check for $250 to the fund from the proceeds of this project.

Anyone wishing to make a donation directly to the Memorial Fund may do so by sending a check or money order to: The Jack Lord Memorial Fund, 999 Kalapake Street, Honolulu, HI, 96825 where vice chairman Doug Mossman will see they are properly recorded. Please include your name, address and telephone number with the donation.

memorial concept     inscription on memorial concept

For more information on the memorial, check out the website at www.jacklord.co.uk


And now a word from our sponsors:

Anyone interested in copies of Hawaii Five-0 episodes (mostly all full versions) can contact Barbara Brindle at 105 Warren Road, Sparta, NJ 07871.  (phone 973-729-9232 - she does not have email)  Barbara's rates are very reasonable and she's very reliable. 

You may also find works by Jack Lord and James MacArthur and lots of other actors by contacting Ron Evans at http:www.networksplus.net/caseyguy/epPartners.htm or email requests at caseyguy@networksplus.net.  They have over 15,000 episodes of 50s and 60s TV.  At e/p Partners, it's the 50s and 60s forever!!!


The Hawaii Five-0 Newsletter is available in print form. Membership is $10 per year for four issues (foreign subscriptions are $14.00 US funds). Checks for membership may be made out to the H50 Fan Club Newsletter, c/o 142 Castle Street, #3, Great Barrington, MA 01230. The newsletter will be available on the 15th of January, April, July and October yearly. Contributions to the newsletter are always welcome. They can be sent to the the H50 Fan Club, c/o 682 Durham Road, Adams, TN 37010 or to our email address at Jlord5@aol.com.    Deadlines are one month before each issue. The newsletter will also be available through the Internet and can be accessed at the Hawaii Five-0 Fan club (www.hawaiifive0.org) or The Jack Lord Homepage (www.jacklord.net)


We are looking for the following Jack Lord episodes on VHS: Dr. Kildare - A Willing Suspension of Disbelief and the movie The True Story of Lynn Stuart. Anyone who may have information about these programs can contact us at either the fan club or email address listed above.


Memorial contributions can be made to the Jack and Marie Lord Trust c/o Hawaii Community Foundation, 900 Front Street Mall, Suite 1300, Honolulu, HI 96813. This fund was established in 1988 and was set up by the Lordís to benefit their favorite charities. We have been assured that while personal responses are not possible, Mrs. Lord is made aware of all contributions.


From Jerry Picard: he reminded us that last year Kam Fong underwent surgery for cancer. Jerry spoke to Kamís son Dennis and who said his dad was a bit down. Anyone interested in sending cards to wish him well may do so. The address is Kam Fong, c/o Dennis Chun, 2578C-2 Pacific Hts. Rd. Honolulu, HI 96813.


Aloha, see you in 

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