Behind the cameras

An off-screen look at Hawaii Five-0

Al Harrington, Herman Wedemeyer and Jack Lord cut the cake. I  think this was the 100th episode party

Still from the Sesson 1 premiere episode Full Fathom Five.

A boat ride up the Wailua to Fern Grotto. From JMAc's wedding

Still from the episode 10,000 Diamonds and a Heart. How long did we look for this one huh?

Taken in the downtown temple, this is an opener from the episode Samauri.

The cast gathers around 'the iron brain' trying to save Duke from the clutches of 'the underworld'.

Francis Nguyen and JAck Lord

Jack must have had a thing for dogs, people were forever photographing him with one of them

Promo still from episode Tiger By The Tail. That was the episode which upset J Edgar Hoover to no end.

A crowd of hippie extras


the cast from seasons1-4 on the office set

the office set again. This is from 30,000 Rooms And I Have the Key

Taken on top of the Sand Island storage tanks. From To Hell With Babe Ruth

Filming along the pier

Jack Lord, Harry Endo and KAm Fong

Another one from Death Is Company Policy. Was a busy week at Photoquik

Harry Endo, James MacArthur and Herman Wedemeyer

one of the 1968 promo pics

another first season promo pic. This was taken inside the Iolani Palace as oposed to the office set. The desk is that of King Kalakaua.The desk complete with items is on display outside of the 'five-0 office' and can be seen on the palace tour

Jack Lord and Victoria Principal

Frances Ngyuen Jack Lord and yet another dog

Kam Fong and Jack Lord search a room

The lab set

Anybody Can Build A bomb

From We Hang Our Own.Hilo's Finest

Oh here we go again with the dogs! Please Jack could't you find a cat just once.Unless, this was an impromptu set appearence, judging by the clothes I would guess this one to be during Six Kilos

from the episode Samauri.Anbody know whose house this is?

The group atop a hill from episode Thanks for the Honeymoon

Jack Lord and a laison from show sponsor United Airlines

Helen Hayes and James MacArthur taken on the wedding cruise

Jack arrives on the boat

Jack Lord and Luther Adler. From the final episode of the V For Vashon trilogy

JL arrives on  location. The 1974 Marquis. The blue and white truck in the background is one of the prop trucks. the leather jacket appeared only in Requiem for a Saddle Bronc Rider.Therefore, this was taken in Waimanelo

On the beach outside Jack's condo. that is Marie's hat in the background. The guy is a CBS exec I believe

Jack and his ever present bullhorn. From episode Fools Die Twice

scene from 90 second war

another set still

 Jack Lord and James MacArthur on the pier beside a small boat

Jack leaning against the car with his arms crossed waiting patiently

On top of the Ilikai. This is a still from the famous opening credit

an outdoor sound check

a small still from the pilot episode

co-ordinating the activity

A group with a small bowl

Jack Lord and William Windom

the gang

Inside of the motor home

Jack Lord and Rossano Brazzi

A group of exhuberant fans

just who is this guy?

the 4th floor lanai scene from Blind Tiger

shooting a scene from Aircargo: Dial M

the set from Singapore File.The '3rd class freighter' looks a bit beached

an outdoor lighting check. The couple are stand-ins but who is the guy in the white shirt?

Jack Lord and an unnamed camera man. This was taken on the Ala wai canal

an overhead lighting check

an off set meeting of the minds

Jack and his camera. The guy in the back was one of the cinematographers

a scene from Air Cargo:Dial for Murder

A back view of Jack in the director's chair and the tail lights of a late 60's car

the crowds gather

the crowds gather

the crowds gather

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