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Ben Kokua 

Ben Kokua is a Hawaiian who likes to "catch the first shocks". He enjoys being a Five-0 detective especially when there is unusual danger as in impersonating a hit man as Don Makala.. He enjoys brainstorming with the team of Chin Ho Kelly, Danny Williams and Steve McGarrett.

He was raised on the fishing docks as his Dad was a fisherman He was able to incorporate friends from the poor neighborhood such as Angie and Runy in his quest to catch "the bad guys". Some of his friends were friends he grew up with even though he had become a successful Five-0 detective he never treated his old friends as if  he were better than they were. Even when questioning them he would say things as "remember it is me, Ben Kokua".

He usually wears his coat unbuttoned or does not wear a coat; even thought it is always close by so he can put it on in a hurry when Steve sends him out on a information finding mission.

He is close friends with Danny Williams.  He tried to protect him when Danny is unjustly accused of killing an unarmed teen. He almost hits a reporter after a funeral when  the reporter says Williams was drinking and a hot head. Ben had earlier gotten Danny out of a bar when a drunk was wanting to get in a fight because Danny would not move from in front of the TV.  Ben tries to protect Danny as a friend . He drives him to the stables and tries to help him remember what happened during the time Danny was riding horses and loses his memory.. When Steve tells Danny he is off the case until he is better it is Ben that says in a kind voice "Steve is right.  Remember how you reacted when you heard the car backfire when we were in the stables".

Many times when he is telling about someone's lover, he shoots a side glance at Danny as if they share a secret (maybe they doubled dated!)

Ben enjoys a beer with friends after work as well as a hamburger. He enjoys telling friends "good night and good health brother".

He enjoys working out at the gym to keep his body in terrific shape for things like jumping over fences. He kept his body in the same shape as when he was the High School football star. He went to Korea and returning home played on an adult football team but the time schedule of Five-0 didn't leave him time for an organized team. But he does squeeze in tennis and golf and some baseball games when he can .

Al Harrington

Al Harrington was born Tauasu Ta in Pago Pago American Samoa.  His grandfather Saimasina Swapaid helped bring the gospel to that land in the early 1800's.  In his sophomore year at Punaho he changed his name to Alvin Harrington, taking the name of his stepfather,  Roy HarringtonUntil the age of 3 he was raised by his grandparents in the village of Mapusaza.   At the age of 3 his mother who was a nurse sent for him to come to Honolulu.  In 1953 Al was the first high school All American to come out of Hawaii.

When he was chosen to play Ben Kokua on  Hawaii Five-0, he was a history teacher at a local high school. He took two weeks of acting lessons

When Waikiki needed a  South Pacific Man he headlined a showroom . He put on a head band and leaped on stage.   Soon he had sold out shows and souvenirs such as T-shirts that say "I love Al Harrington" and Al Harrington dolls were on sale before each show. He always took time to sign autographs when the show was over.

His show was quoted as "jokes may be corny but they are clean". He said he wanted to do a show that he could take his children to.   He now lives in Utah.

Thanks to Special Five-0 Investigator Rebecca Garth for getting the book on Ben!

(Note:  Read an article in the Star Bulletin about Al and "White Fang" from 1996)





















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