Stargazer On Location


These vacation photos were taken when she 'stumbled upon' the crew filming outside the Hawaiian Regent.

The building beside the trailer is St Augustine's Church which is just across the street from the Regent (Marriott Waikiki today).  After a bit of research we have determined that the episode being filmed was V for Vashon: The Son. 

There is a bit of co-incidence involved with these pics. As Bonnie was taking her photos some member of the cast/crew who had access to the glovebox of the 1968 Mercury was also in the Kodak mood. Those photos were later found in the car when Mike took possession of the remnants. Those can be viewed here.

The top photo is taken at the downtown YMCA. the other is of the Diamondhead Studio before all of the other buildings "got in the way".


filming outside the downtown YMCA a car parked on the grassy back lot of the Ft Ruger film studio
back of the trailer Jack Lord at the back door of the trailer