Famous Faces of Five-0





Luther Adler Charles Ogden How To Steal A Masterpiece
Dominick Vashon V: for Vashon
Phillip Ahn Attorney General Cocoon
Kwan Lee Sweet Terror
Lim Mi Liu Journey Out Of Limbo
Richard Anderson Eugene Goodman The Child Stealers
Alan Arbus Vince Maynard Anatomy Of A Bribe
Adam Arkin Alex Schofield A Touch Of Guilt
Ed Asner August March Wooden Model Of A Rat
Lew Ayres CDR Blackwell Legacy Of Terror
Dr Elias Haig Anybody Can Build A Bomb
Governor Cocoon



Richard Basehart Don Murdock The Odd Lot Caper
Ned Beatty Keith Caldwell Oldest Profession, Latest Price
Harold Best David Emory Killer Bee
Bill Bigelow Narrator Horoscope For Murder
Mr Kirsten A Capitol Crime
Wiggens The Golden Noose
George Watkins A Jury Of One
Nomana One Big Happy Family
Beaufort The Odd Lot Caper
John Malcom Air Cargo:Dial For Murder
Lester Cronin Paniolo
Leonard Burlson Sweet Terror
Dr Logan Nightmare Road
Rycourt The Double Wall
John Padway Forty Feet High And It Kills
Guthrie A Long Time Ago
Charles Privit Why Wait Till Uncle Kevin Dies
Theodor Bikel Erik Stass Sweet Terror
David Birney SMN3 Dillon Follow The White Brick Road
LT  Waldon Murder-Eyes Only
Richard Carr The Silk Trap
Sorrell Booke Dr Berman The Double wall
Barry Bostwick Luke Sandover The Year Of The Horse
Ross Bordon District Attorney A Lion In The Streets
Bruce Boxleitner Paul Colburn The Capsule Kidnapping
Kevin Colder And The Horse Jumped Over The Moon
Kam Farraday We Hang Our Own
Steven Boyd Sean Rourke Up The Rebels
Ray Buktenika Billy Grunwald Chain Of Events
Clifford Sprague A Jury Of One



Roger C Carmel COL Misha Toptigan FOB Honolulu
The Ninety Second War
Anthony Caruso David Thorpe Invitation To Murder
Cyd Charisse Alice Warren Death Mask
Charles Ciaffii Jack Fabian Head To Head
Norman Klane The Skyline Killer
Dean Lyman Right Grave, Wrong Body
Charlie Bombay McGarrett Is Missing
Michael Conrad Kira Johnson Fools Die Twice
Arthur A Short Walk On The Longshore
Bert Convy Thomas Brown Charter For Death
Arnold Hubbard Small Witness, Large Crime
Jackie Coogan Horace Sibley Face Of The Dragon
Jerry Howe Which Way Did They Go?
Jack Denton Little Girl Blue
Cathy Lee Crosby Karen Lynch The Kahuna
Hume Cronyn Lewis Avery Filer Over Fifty Steal
Odd Man In



Royal Dano Hodie Linquist Paniolo
James Darren Johnny Monroe #1 With A Bullet
Thayer David Doyle Westin Double Exposure
James Demarest Sig Mier A Gun For McGarrett
Nathan Miller Blood Money Is Hard To Wash
Jackson Craft A Short Walk On The Longshore
Dimitri Deathwish On Tantalus Mountain
Bashea Anybody Can Build A Bomb
Frank Luther The Devil And Mr Frog
Senator Colt All the Kings Horses
Fred Babbitt Pray Love Remember
William Devane Frank Fallon Killer At Sea
Susan Dey Susan Bradshaw Target? The Lady
David Doyle Electrician Follow The White Brick Road
Andrew Duggan Dr Rathman The Sleeper
Roger Bancroft Use A Gun And Go To Hell
Miller Cocoon
O'Brien The Ransom
Cliff Morgan Death With Father
Patty Duke Toni Thanks For The Honeymoon
Charles Durning J Haven Retire In Sunny Hawaii Forever
Marj Dusay Andre Dupree 24 Karat Kill
Nicole Wylie The Singapore File



William Edwards*

also played Johnathan Kaye

Dr Herbert C Ventnor Highest Castle Deepest Grave
Professor Jordan 3000 Crooked Miles To Honolulu
Frank Wellman Didn't We Meet At A Murder
Wally Schuster You Don't Have To Kill To Get Rich But It Helps
Bill Druthers Will The Real Mr Winkler Please Die
Simpson 6000 Deadly Tickets
John Tarnaw A Shallow Grave
Samantha Eggers Agnes DuBois Horoscope For Murder
Buddy Ebsen Prof Ambrose Pierce 3000 Crooked miles To Honolulu
Erik Estrada Rono Vidalgo Engaged To Be Buried



Mel Ferrer Father Neill The Bell Tolls At Noon
Emil Radick To Kill A Mind
Meg Foster Nina The Child Stealers
Ann Waring Double Exposure
Robert Foxworth Eric Fowler The Listener
Lou Frizzell Phil Rynak Chain Of Events
Alan Fudge Joe Barone Nightmare Road
Paul Hamilton The Two Faced Corpse
Piet DeGroot Man On Fire
Ben Dawson Who Says Cops Don't Cry



Gil Girard Marty Cobb The 9th Step
Ron Glass Jay Paul Tricks Are Not Treats
Harold Gould Honorae Vashon The Case Against McGarrett
V: For Vashon
Julie Gregg Marla Acuna Savage Sunday
Maggie Corman The One With The Gun
Andy Griffith Arnold Lovejoy  I'm A Family Crook-Don't Shoot!
Harry Guardino SGT Simms A Thousand Pardons
Mike Martin Trouble In Mind
Johnny Mio A Lion In The Streets
CDR Wallace Murder-Eyes Only



Tab Hunter Mel Burgess Horoscope For Murder
Richard Hatch Gar The Child Stealers
Mike Opana A Study In Rage
Tommy Lynn The Waterfront Steal
Helen Hayes Clara Williams Retire In Sunny Hawaii Forever
John Hillerman Nelson Bodine A Stranger In His Grave
Donald Blair Man On Fire
Pat Hingle Dr Grant Ormsby The Defector
Man On Fire
To Kill A Mind





Steve Kanaly Fallon The Sleeper
Don Knight Dan Larsen The Ways Of Love
Jeffery Hobbs Flash Of Color Flash Of Death
Dillon Hayward V  For Vashon: The Father
Collin Nichols The Ring Of Life
Paul Thayler The Bell Tolls At Noon
George Lamb The Kahuna
Yaphet Kotto CPL John T Austin King Of The Hill



Carol Lawrence Margo Cooper Thanks For The Honeymoon
John Larch Maggers The Execution File
Joseph Trinnean Yesterday Has Died And Tomorrow Won't Be Born
Peter Lawford Kenneth Kirk Frozen Assets
George Lazenby John Cossett The Year Of The Horse
Joanne Linville Dr CL Freemont Once Upon A Time
Camilla Carver Kiss The Queen Goodbye
Rich Little Johnny Kling The Bell Tolls At Noon



Sam Melville Jerry Parks Tiger By The Tail
Hawkins For A Million....Why Not
Gary Oliver Most Likely To Murder
Vera Miles Flora Whiting Dear Enemy
Gavin McLeod Big Chicken And They Painted Daisies On His Coffin
The Box
Gerald McRaney Tim Ryder Target-A Cop
Ross Martin Tony Alika Stringer
A Lion In The Streets
Good Help Is Hard To Find
#1 With A Bullet
Sal Mineo Bobby George Tiger By The Tail
Eddie Cordell Hit Gun For Sale
Cameron Mitchell Jeff Bowman Welcome To Our Branch Office
Tom Riordan A Very Personal Matter
Mitch Mitchell LT Croft Just Lucky I Guess
George Bias The One With The Gun
MJR Phelps The Last Eden
Edgar Hackbart Is This Any way To Run A Paradise
Claude Wells Follow The White Brick Road
Parker The Jinn That Clears The Way
Tom Parker The Child Stealers
Bill Howard Percentage
CDR Hughes The Diamond That Nobody Stole
Hotel Manager One Born Every Minute
Dock Guard Killer At sea
Travers Welcome To Our Branch Office
US Interpreter Presenting...In The Center Ring.. Murder
Warden Jenkins McGarrett Is Missing
Chief Davis Loose Ends Get Hit
TV Announcer The 9th Step
Ricardo Montalban Leonard Tokura Samauri
Alex Pareno Death Wish On Tantalus Mountain
Pat Morita Phoebe Tricks Are Not Treats
Vic Morrow Ed Heron 2 Doves For Mr Heron



Leslie Nielson Brent Cocoon
Shelley Novack Officer Oliver McDougall Sing A Song Of Suspense



Simon Oakland Jose Mendosa The Waterfront Steal
Martin Mauritany Didn't We Meet At A Murder
Shako Vidalgo Engaged To Be Buried
Benny Kalua A Stranger In Our Own Land
Frank Epstien The Reunion
Gerald S. O'Laughlin Sam Kavanaugh And A time To Die
Carl Swanson Six Kilos
Charlie Swanson The Box
Soon Teck Oh Robert Kwon Image Of Fear
David Chung The Silk Trap
Chang Lee The Defector
Tom Wong The Jinn That Clears The Way
Vic Tanaka Wednesday Ladies Free
Lao Sweet Terror
Lewis Chen Face Of The Dragon
James Olson Bart Marriss Bait Once Bait Twice
Bernie Brown A Hawaiian Nightmare
Travis Marshall Honor Is An unmarked Grave
Stoner A Distant Thunder
Dr Ames Labyrinth



Melody Patterson Missy The Devil And Mr Frog
Sherry Wells Nightmare In Blue
Kathy Henderson Bomb. Bomb, Who's Got The Bomb?
Nehemiah Persoff Harry Cardonnas Deathwatch
Peter Winkler Will The Real Mr Winkler Please Die
Leo Paoli Charter For Death
Louis Cardell Hit Gun For Sale
Victor Palua Dealers Choice-Blackmail
Allie Francis Number one With A Bullet
Slim Pickens Sam Ferguson One Big Happy Family
Donald Plesence Hans Vogler The Ninety Second War
Andew Prine Richard Chadway A Stranger In His Grave
Wally Hatch Target? The Lady





Robert Reed Matthew Meighan The Meighan Conspiricy
Richard Slade Though The Heavens Fall
John Ritter Mike Wells Dealers Choice-Blackmail
Ryan Monroe 2 Doves For Mr Heron
Pernell Roberts Lon Phillips The Grandstand Play
Eugene Roche Ed Hudson A Woman's Work Is With A Gun
Marion Ross Edith Lovallo Blind Tiger
Anita Putnam Air Cargo-Dial For Murder


William Shatner Sam Tolliver You Don't Have To Kill To Get Rich, But It Helps
Martin Sheen Arthur Dixon Time And Memories
Eddie Calhao Cry Lie
James B. Sikking Oscar Ross The Miracle Man
Jean Simmons Terri O'Brien The Cop On The Cover
Tom Skerritt Lew Morgan Most Likely To Murder
Mort Stevens Hank Trouble In Mind
Don Stroud Nick Pierson The Late Johnny Loiusianna
Nathan Purdy Target-A Cop
Tally Green The Flip Side Is Death
Loretta Swit Betty Landers Bait Once, Bait Twice
Wanda Russell Three Dead Cows At Makapu'u
Anna Stockton Schroeder A Thousand Pardons, You're Dead


George Takei Timor Ambak Death's Name Is SAM
Vic Tayback Raymond Parmel Bones Of Contention
Martin Lynch Angel In Blue



Joan VanArk Frieda Cowan The Double Wall
Joyce VanPatten Lila Daniels The Payoff
Rhoda Lovejoy I'm A Family Crook-Don't Shoot!
Robert Vaughn Sebastien Rolande The Spirit Is Willie
Abe Vigoda Abe Kemper All The Kings Horses


Jessica Walter Carla Crystal The Two-Faced Corpse
David Wayne S.R. Horus 30,000 Rooms And I Have The Key
Larry Wilcox Mike The Young Assassins
Cindy Williams Sue Reynolds Secret Witness
Nancy Wilson Eadie Jordan Trouble In Mind
William Windom Ozzie Conner Which Way Did They Go?
SEN Harlan Henderson Bomb, Bomb, Who's Got The Bomb?
Keenan Wynn Norton Hummell Journey Out Of Limbo
Dana Wynter Claudine The Ninety-Second War




Anthony Zerbe Lester Smith Mother's Deadly Helper




















$100,000 NICKEL