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Welcome to the Hawaii Five-0 Fan Club    

A collage of Jack Lord photos


a wave containg photos of James MacArthur, Kam Fong and Zulu



The Governor is on line one


Season 8 has a tentative release date of March 2010. This rate we should get the whole series in before the "end of the world"


Terri has announced that she will no longer be doing the newsletter. This is sad but she is to be commended for her years of service to the club. If anyone is interested in taking over please contact me. This website will continue.


  Five-0 returns to the little screen!!!  Ed Brenaro Productions (Criminal Minds) has plans in the works for a new series based on McGarrett's son Production is supposed to begin next year. Any ideas regarding this? Thoughts can be posted here in the group or Mr Mike's guestbook. I have mailed off my concept script.11/09 Update: Not sure if the Steve Jr concept is still in the mix but CBS is still promising delivery next year



ATTENTION SITE OWNERS: Kaleka is reactivating the Hawaiifive0 webring.

The information for this can be found here


Previous announcements can be found in our newest section Memos From The Man



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Glad to see you have found your way to our little grass shack. Take off your shoes and come on in. A little about us. We are a fun-loving ohana originally known (in the pre-cyber days) as Iolani Irregulars but now called by the 'original and unique' name Hawaii Five-0 Fan Club. Our membership currently spans six continents.

In addition to this website we also maintain two e-mail lists at Yahoogroups! . The first is  hawaiifive0fanclub. This is a one way mail list which disseminates important information to all of the members. You can not reply to or interact with this list.

If you wish to be an interactive member then there is a second list called h50fc which is available in both individual and digest modes. This is our discussion group where members post information, ask questions etc.

Sorry, but if you wish to be on both lists then you must apply to both. This is Yahoo rules not ours.

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Special Feature

See if there are any movies this month starring


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Central Dispatch: Read our club newsletter. Full of information about the show and what our members have been up to.

2 red flowersCharacters: Background on the lives, loves and tribulations of the principal characters. This is all taken from show canon. Any one wishing to help fill in missing data is more than welcome. Email the lab at

2 red flowersMemorial: A tribute to those of Five-0 that are no longer with us. 

2 red flowersWallpaper: Wallpaper designed by some of our talented club members. These are available for home use.

2 red flowersFan Fiction: We pick up where the series left off. Here you will find links to the sites of our very talented writers. Steve and the boys get into some wild predicaments and a couple of unique clothing articles.

*We are aware of the 'issues' with this section and are working to rectify (sounds painful doesn't it ) the situation

Our Club Members Collections- In this section you will find the memorabilia belonging to several of our club members. Items found here can be just about anything. Donations are always cheerfully accepted. Contact our poor overworked secretary

  The $100,000 Nickel- This is an article that I discovered about the 'star in an uncredited role'. Read about the coin and its journey

2 red flowersTrivia:  Some things you never knew and some that you thought you knew. This is our kind of 'assorted' page. If it doesn't fit anyplace else chances are you will find it  here. Submissions welcome.

2The  real reason why McGarrett didn't like the Feds. Five-0 was investigated by the FBI. The episode Tiger by the Tail  involved an FBI agent who was portrayed as "sleeping while the 'police captain' continued working." This was highly upsetting to them. So now we know why McGarrett did not tolerate federal interference on his rock. (Note: This is an outside link to The Jack Lord Gallery)

2 red flowersRare Candid Photos: This series of photographs belonging to Mike Timothy was found in the glovebox (back in the days when such was actually a storage facility rather than a mere access panel) of the 1968 Mercury when he took possession of it. Note the guy standing on the trailer roof-some folks will go to great extremes in order to get their shot.  

How Five-0 was filmed. An article from the July 1969 issue of American Cinematographer, a professional journal, written by Frank Philips who was Director Of Photography during the first season.


"It looks like I won't be pitching against the fire department" (Steve McGarrett, Loose Ends Get Hit)- Five-0 sponsored a charity softball team for several years. If you  can name any of these people please contact us.

Famous Faces Of Five-0 -Many already famous actors guest starred on the show; as did several up and coming stars. If you find any omissions please let us know.


Hawaii Five-0: The World Premiere-See photos of the CBS New York  launching party. If anybody recognizes the building where this was held please contact us.


2 red flowers A look at what went on behind the camera Photos taken by crew, reporters, fans who snuck behind the line etc along with several promo stills.(The majority of our stills feature only Jack in different poses. Those here are of 'strategic importance' i.e.  pilot episode- the rest can be found on our personal sites)


2 red flowersWriting for Five-0: An article from the Spring 2004 issue of Mystery Scene magazine. Jerome Coopersmith talks about his six years writing for Five-0. 

2 red flowersMcGarrett's Painting  The famous ship painting on McGarrett's wall has been identified. An interesting little thing about clipper ships and racing

2 red flowersThe HPD Museum:- Located in the ground floor of the downtown central police station (open M-F 9:00A to 3:30 P) this place is not to be missed on any trip. There is a special Five-0 section. So many things will look familiar to fans. Take your drivers license, they will ask for it. 

**new factoid!:There are now tours of the station available. Check out the directions here

Episode List:-A link to Mr Mike's fact filled lists.

2 red flowersLinks: Links to other Hawaii Five-0 related sites along with several 'old tv' sites. Here you will find the sites of our club members. Also we have a rather large section of Hawaii related travel links. Don't plan your trip without checking these out. If you have a site or page which you think should be included here please contact us at Chin and Duke will check out your site and report back to the palace.

2 red flowersContact us: How to get ahold of the various Five-0 departments

2 red flowersFashions:  The 1960's and 70's were known for their 'mod' clothes. This is our Best/Worst Dressed section. Can you believe we actually went out the door like this!

2 red flowersSynopsis: For those who are not very familiar with the show. A brief description. (coming soon)

2 red flowersChat: Meet and greet the ohana (Use the "Live Chat" box below. The other one is to sign up for your own free chatroom. We had to take this in order to get the room. So, if you do not need your own room, please kindly ignore. Mahalo)


Free Java Chat from                           Free Java Chat from

2 red flowersThe Jack Lord Statue: Our little project is now a reality. Photos from the dedication ceremony. Driving directions included along with a link to the mall site.(warning: due to number of photos loading may take time)

2 red flowersMusic: The world renowned Theme From Hawaii Five-0 is available here. 

2 red flowersCars of Five-0: A look at some 'late model classics'.  A car show with out the sun and tire foam.  


2 red flowersScreen Captures Memorable moments from twelve seasons of Five-0. Send your favorites to our overworked secretary.

2 red flowersAwards: Some folks have honored our humble little site.


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Last Update:08 November 2009

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