Institute For Hawaii Five-0 Studies


Mission Statement:  The Institute for Hawaii Five-0 Studies is a multidisciplinary research group engaged in the study of the Hawaii Five-0 phenomenon. Faculty members are dedicated to the proposition that this television show, which so artfully combines the elements of action, adventure, tropic scenery, loud shirts, and handsome heroes bringing evildoers to justice (and, occasionally, saving the world), deserves greater attention from scholars and couch potatoes alike.  


Welcome to Institute for Hawaii Five-0 Studies.  This webzine has been created as a place where writing and artwork inspired by Hawaii Five-0 can be shared with the online world.

Good action, a glamorous setting, high production values and a thrilling title theme were essential to the success of Hawaii Five-0, but the characters were what made the series an enduring classic.  Thanks in large part to the work of Jack Lord and James MacArthur, Steve McGarrett and Danny Williams continue to be a compelling pair.  The actors from the Islands who filled out the Five-0  support team came and went over the years, but fans have fond memories of all of them and the characters they played.  The cast came across as real people and still do today, decades later.  No doubt they will do so for decades to come.

The structure of the show did not often allow for glimpses into the cops' private lives; nor were there many comic touches.  This has piqued the imagination of many fans, some of whom have created fiction exploring these possibilities.   Several comic Five-0  stories are elsewhere on this site by the Wild Wahines.  We have also included works of fiction in a more serious vein that are set in a time span that runs from long before Five-0 was in existence to what happened after the notorious twelfth season.  Each of our beloved heroes shines in one story or another as we explore "what might have been" if the producers had let the fans write some of the episodes!!

Also in this issue are two essays describing how Hawaii Five-0  has touched the authors personally:   Debbie Fitzgerald tells us why she's a Jack Fan and Leilani Kimmel-Dagostino tells a story of how the show inspired the author to seek out her roots in Hawaii and unravel a family mystery.   We have also included some links to other great fan fiction sites which if you haven't had a chance to check out before, here's your chance.

We hope that you enjoy this webzine, and that it inspires you to create your own Five-0- related work. The Journal would like to hear from you .  Please submit your own stories, essays, poetry, and artwork to us as we  look forward to sharing it with other Five-0  fans.


This page is the brainchild of Heather Henderson and we hope to keep to the high standards she set as head of the Institute Faculty.    Heather, we couldn't have done this without you!