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  Volume 3                                     January,   2001                                          Issue 9


Aloha Steve & Danno

From Tim Jenkins in Sydney, Australia - Are you people aware that there exists a tribute song to Hawaii Five-0?  The song is by 1970's Australian surf-punk, Radio Birdman.  Titled "Aloha Steve & Danno", it appears on their debut album "Radios Appear" (1976).  The song contains a very cool guitar solo that imitates the Five-0 theme song and the chorus goes "Steve, I wanna say thank you for all you've done for me, my nights are dark and empty when you're not on TV!"


(D. Tek/R. Younger/M. Stevens)

McGarrett's on the line to Danno, We gotta pick up this guy

Put out an APB, Not much time to tell you why

Governor says it's top priority, Washington says so too

Tell Chin to get there fast, 5-0 is on the move

(Chorus) Steve, I want to say thank you, For all you've done for me

My night is dark and empty, When you're not on TV

There's an agent in the field, I want to have him tailed

He's been staying at the Hilton, Yeah, should be staying in the jail

He's working for the KGB, And here's his dossier

Those Reds won't be happy, Till this guy gets his way


Dark spectre of espionage, Hangs over fair Hawaii

McGarret's one  cool guy, The guilty will not go free

Steve and Danno they made the scene, The agent had done his deed

Caught with a stiff and a silenced gun, Said Book him Danno, Murder One


(For those of you who have access to Napster - and while it's still free - this song is available!)


Movie Update

(Mike Quigley shared this with us last November - but I thought that since we've been a little behind the eight ball with the newsletter, it would bear repeating:)

From Eddie Sherman from Midweek.com - Producer George Litto, who plans an estimated $100 million budget Hawaii Five-0 move, says the new script should be finished soon and hopes for a next fall start. Who will play Steve McGarrett?  "Don't know yet, but it'll be one of the top seven major stars of today," says Litto...


"The Dish"

Five-0 fan Bernie Walsh: "I was watching a new Australian film called "The Dish" (great flick), which is about the satellite receiving dish in Parkes, NSW, used for the live pictures of the moon landing in 1969.  In the film, the US ambassador is at a ball in Parkes and the band has been asked to play the American national anthem.  They play the theme from "Hawaii Five-0, much to the embarrassment of the Mayor but to the amusement of the ambassador."

(The show debuted in September of 1968 so was well known by the time of the moon landing the following year!)



Many of you are probably aware of the fact that Steve McGarrett was referred to as the "no-nonsense" cop in many articles which were written about Hawaii Five-0.  As we are also aware, Steve McGarrett was also a sensitive, caring, honest, loyal and devoted cop.  When he moved, he moved swiftly, and always caught his prey.  

However, I wonder how many of you know that before Steve McGarrett, there was another "cop" who was also referred to as a "no-nonsense" cop.  The show I am talking about had very little action and the character I am referring to talked swiftly, using the same tone of voice, showed emotions by the movement of his eyebrows and walked with a slight swing to his arms and "stiff" legs. 

Have you guess who I'm writing about yet?  Sgt. Joe Friday - yes Jack Webb in Dragnet!

                                                         Donna Walling



In case you were wondering what Zulu was doing in 1972 - along with Five-0 - Annette found this advertisement in the back of the 1972 Hawaiian Open Golf Tournament program!


Guest Starring.....

( Kelly Barrios sent this from Biography Magazine, Jan. 2001)

Let's be honest.  Who out there would enroll in the Wrangler Jane School of Acting?  That's Melody Patterson's self-deprecating way of explaining her drive to establish "legitimate" credentials as a drama instructor.

To this day, the actress is best known as Jane Angelica Thrift, a.k.a Wrangler Jane, on TV's F Troop (1965-67).  The sitcom farce was popular in its day and still has hard-core fans.  But it was never exactly revered as a hallmark of great acting.  That's why Patterson, 16 when cast in F Troop, has "sort of backtracked" by getting the serious education she side-stepped years ago.

melody Patterson

"I hated school when I was doing F Troop, when I was in the 10th,11th and 12th grades," sans Patterson, now 51.  "But I've come to discover how much I love learning.  I graduated in "99 (From Sierra Nevada College).  I got my bachelor's degree in visual and performing arts, with a concentration in the theater.  Then I completed my teacher education program.

"It was as much for myself as anyone else.  Now if I decide to go out and teach drama, I can feel secure in the fact that I've got the life experience AND the degree."

melody Patterson

When Patterson participates in autograph shows, fans often ask why she didn't follow F Troop with another series.  She explains that seven years of marriage to Hawaii Five-0 star James MacArthur (during which time she lived in Hawaii and out of the Hollywood loop), followed by two years of study at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York, left no time for another sitcom.

"I was busy, busy, busy," she says, "just not on television."  Patterson and husband Vern Miller, a banjo/mandolin/guitar player with a band called the Comstock Cowboys, lie near Reno, Nevada.  They married in November, 1998, having met earlier that year when she directed a musical in which he performed.  (David Martindale)



Many times inquiring minds wonder: “How do I get to see all those great places that were featured on the “Hawaii Five-0” show? I only have a short period of time and a limited amount of funds. What’s a fan to do?” Well, you could book yourself at the very expensive and exclusive Mandarin Hotel in Kahala and visit Jack Lord’s condo or stay at the Ilikai Hotel where that famous helicopter shot zooms into a close-up of Jack Lord, but that gets old after awhile. So here’s the scoop on what to do and what to see in order to maximize your total HFO experience.

First of all, find and book an inexpensive hotel in Waikiki. I recommend the Ashton or Outrigger Hotel groups. Waikiki is the heartbeat of the area. It’s tacky sometimes with a lot of tourists milling around, but all the tour buses and transportation originates there and you can get around fairly easy without having to rent a car. Plus you are within walking distance of Waikiki Beach, the International Market Place, the Hilton Hawaiian Village, Fort DeRussey, Ala Moana Park and Shopping Center, Kapiolani Park, the Shell, and the Ali Wai Canal which were all featured in the show sometime

            Getting tired of Waikiki? Here are some other things to do:

*Take the Rainbow Trolley. It leaves from all major Waikiki hotels and you can buy an all day pass with unlimited stops and pickups for $10.00. It makes a continuous circuit around Chinatown, historic downtown Honolulu, Iolani Palace, the King Kamehameha Statue, the Hawaii State Capital building, Hilo Hattie’s, and the Aloha Tower among its 25 stops. The trolley driver treats you to a free entertaining commentary and you get to learn all kinds of tidbits. For example, the new Honolulu Police Station downtown is affectionately referred to as the HFO building. Since you are not on a guided tour, you can spend all the time in the world studying the outside of Iolani Palace and trying to capture the exact angle of that camera shot through the banyan tree that zooms into McGarrett’s office on so many episodes. You need to call ahead of time to make a reservation to have an inside tour of the Palace, which I highly recommend, because then you can walk on that beautiful Koa wood staircase to the second floor. The Hawaii State Capital Building is just behind the Palace and you can photograph the blue mosaic on the floor that is featured on many episodes. Alas, it is roped off so you can’t walk across it like Steve McGarrett did. Also, if you are there during the week, you can go up to the 4th floor and visit the Governor’s Office!  

*Take a yellow bus to Pearl Harbor to see the Arizona Memorial. The bus leaves from many locations in Waikiki and drops you off in front of the entrance to the museum. You are given a ticket to see a short history film about Pearl Harbor and that fateful day in December. Then a Navy cruiser takes you out to the USS Arizona Memorial. It is a moving experience. Earlier this year, visitors were treated to Japanese Zero planes flying over the area and thought we might be under attack again. Wrong, they were just filming scenes from that new “Pearl Harbor” movie. After the Arizona visit, be sure to walk across the parking lot to see “Mighty Mo,” the last battleship commissioned by the USA, and in 1992 was the world’s last operational battleship.

*Call and book a tour with Oahu Nature Tours. They pick you up at your hotel. The Volcanic Coastal Excursion takes you to see Hanauma Bay, a hike up to the lighthouse at Makapu’u Point, and down to the tide pools at the Makapu’u coastline. The cost is $37.00 and the tour runs daily from 9am to 1230pm. The Rain Forest Excursion allows you to visit Paradise Park which was featured in “Over 50, Steal.” The Park is closed now but you can still hike into the jungle of the Ko’olau Mountains and visit a waterfall that cascades 250 feet into a rainforest pool. Magnificent! The cost is $37.00 and the tour runs daily from 2pm to 530pm. Call 808-924-BIRD or visit them at http://www.oahunaturetours.com.

*The same people who run the Oahu Nature Tours also run the Movie Lovers Film and Celebrity Tour where you get to visit famous movie and television locations, celebrity homes, scenic places where HFO was filmed, and the Hawaii Film Studio. At the end of the tour you receive a personalized Hawaii Film and Celebrity tour certificate. The cost is $45.00 and the tour runs daily 8am-1pm. Call 808-926-FILM or visit them at http://www.hawaiifilmtours.com.

*For people who like to experience the wild side, visit the Gun Club Magnum 2000 on the 2nd floor of the Waikiki Trade Center where $15.00 gets you 2 guns and 2 bullets. They feature all kinds of handguns and semi-automatic weapons available to try. I didn’t see any Saturday night specials, however. What would McGarrret think of this?

*Finally, there is a shop in the Aloha Tower Shopping Center called “Magnet 5-0.” They have literally thousands of magnets floor to ceiling, but nothing HFO related. Darn it!

            Incidentally, for those of you who were wondering, it takes 100 people to hand tow a Hawaiian Airlines DC-10 down a Honolulu Airport runway. There’s a contest held every year in October with proceeds that go to charity. United Airlines does not participate in the contest. American Airlines employees tow a B-767.

(Thanks to our roving reporter Leilani Kimmel-Dagostino, she's  done it again!)


She'll Act Anywhere ... As Long as It's in Hawaii

(TV Guide, January 18, 1969)

Actresses usually put out mimeographed credit sheets listing everything - well almost everything  - they have done which might interest producers in casting them in motion  pictures or television shows.

Maggi (nee Majorie) Parker is probably the only actress anywhere who has two credit sheets.  One covers her theatrical activities, with her role as May, Jack Lord's secretary in CBS's Hawaii Five-0, heading the list.  The other is nontheatrical and includes items like Master of Education in School Adminstration; principal of a high school on Majorca, principal of an elementary school in Japan: and assistant professor of education at California State College, Los Angeles.

That assistant professorship in Los Angeles was as close as Maggi ever got to Hollywood, and she has never worked in New York.  Her professional acting career has been limited entirely to Hawaii, which she "fell in love with" en route to becoming the school principal in Japan.  Considering the rather limited possibilities for an actress in the islands, she has done remarkably well - I Dream of Jeannie, which did some shooting in Hawaii: such movies as I Sailed to Tahiti with an All-Girl Crew, Hawaii, and Paradise Hawaiian Style; plus many television and radio appearances, and roles in local theatrical productions.  Through all this, she has managed to maintain her interest in teaching.  She is co-founder and partner in the Parker-Ames Center in Honolulu, which offers psychological and educational services to emotionally disturbed children and young adults.  

Miss Parker attributes her success as a teacher to her interest in acting.  Although she majored in education at Keene State College in her native New  Hampshire and at Boston University, she also studied drama, and she says, "Love of the theater made me a good teacher.  Can you imagine Bob Hope as a teacher?  Kids would flock to his classes - it's the stimulation."

Maggi Parker

Maggi has been married twice but now lives alone in an apartment at Waikiki.  She is the maverick of her family, who still live in New England.  "Nobody smokes and drinks in my family but me," she says.  In her younger days at home, whenever she came in late, her mother took a branch off a lilac bush and hit her with it.  "After age 12, there wasn't much left of that lilac bush," Maggi says.  When she was married the first time, her mother turned her wine glass upside down at the wedding dinner.  Her mother is now dead, but her father, a retired dye-master now in his 80's, still lives in the old family home at Nashua, NH where Maggi was the youngest of six children all of whom worked their way through college.

She lives a quiet life in Hawaii.  Although she is far from home, her ways still smack strongly of New England.  Her friends are "older people mostly," with whom she plays an occasional game of bridge, and she always says, "Yes, sir," to Jack Lord, on or off the stage.

Maggi, unlike most actresses, admits her age - 34 - and in her theatrical credit sheet says she can play parts up to 45.  Also, unlike many actresses, she seems to have no hang-ups, does not go to a psychiatrist or blame real or imaginary woes on an unhappy childhood.  As for looks, she would probably be the first to admit that she is not pretty.  In other words, she doesn't seem like an actress at all.  More like a schoolteacher.

(Featured that week:  The death of two bubonic plague victims brings McGarrett to an espionage ring that leads straight to Red China.  Guest Cast:  Soon Taik Oh, Jackie Coogan, Nancy Kovack, David Opatoshu, Herb Jefferies, Victor Sen Yung, Ed Sheehan, Newell Tarrant, George Awai.  The episode title:  Face of the Dragon)



(from a Honolulu newspaper - 1968)

It is customary for the star of a new television series to be optimistic about it's chances.  But Jack Lord, the head man of CBS' new Hawaii Five-0, is backing up his optimism with hard cash.

Jack and Marie Lord bought a condominium apartment in the Kahala section of town, beyond Diamond Head.  He's also built himself a fantastic trailer - with specially imported Swedish refrigerator that runs on both gas and electricity - which follows  him around the island, as the show shoots on location.

These moves around the island help to Make Hawaii Five-0 interesting but also expensive.  Each episode is reputed to cost almost $200,000.  That includes amortizing a big original outlay, bringing some $365,000 worth of equipment from Hollywood, plus transporting and maintaining a 30-man crew and their families.

If you believe Jack Lord, it may all be worth it.  He thinks the character he plays - McGarrett - is different and intriguing.  He feels the production values of the Hawaiian settings give the shows a novel look.  And he is particularly impressed by the use of Hawaiians in all but the biggest guest spots.

Casting director Ted Thorpe has slowly compiled an index of 1500 Hawaiians of all types.  Four have continuing roles.  Others fill out the cast - on one episode, 10 out of 12 speakig parts were played by Hawaiians.  Thrope thinks he's made a couple of discoveries - Maggi Parker, who plays Lord's secretary: Morgan White, playing Hawaii's Attorney General; Kam Fong and Zulu, as two of Lord's helpers in his state crime-busting unit.

"And there was a young girl named Mary Liana Petranek," Thorpe says.  "She's only 18, but in her reading she brought tears to the director's eyes."

Hawaii, Thorpe admits, has a very active Little Theatre group, but the people are untrained by Hollywood standards.  They are also naive about the business.  When he asked one young actor to fill out an application, under credits, the man wrote, Bank of Hawaii and Diners Club!

Kam Fong - he's really Kam Fong Chun, but he chucked the Chun - is one of Thorpe's discoveries.  He's big, chunky, cheerful, and his experience is 17 years as a Honolulu policeman and almost that long acting and emceeing on the side at his "Night at Cathay" show at the Waikiki Plaza's new Lay Yee Chai.

"This is the break I've been waiting for," Fong says.  Like most actors, he's been in  many moves, such as Hawaii and In Harm's Way, which were filmed here.  In between those chances, they all have other jobs.  Fong sold real estate after he left the police force.  "I've been doing real well in real estate," he says.  "Hawaiian real estate is booming.  But I'd give it up in a minute if I had a chance to go to Hollywood and work as an actor for a living."

Lord and the others smile tolerantly at this enthusiasm.  They've been that route and know the problems.  After his Stoney Burke series went off, Lord had a chance to play the Man From UNCLE role that catapulted Robert Vaughn to stardom.  He turned it down because he was too tired.  That was five years ago.  He hadn't found a series he wanted to do since, until Hawaii Five-0 came along.

Now he's giving this his all.  He says he has no social life when he works - "I've been out to dinner once, and that was with my producer  and we talked business!"


Jack Lord Memorial

The Memorial project to honor Jack Lord is well underway. The committee was very successful on their recent trip to Hawaii to get the project underway. The sculptor for the project is Sean Brown, a Hawaiian artist well known for his talent through other pieces in Honolulu. The site for the Memorial is on the grounds of the Kahala Mall. The management and owners considered it an honor to have their mall chosen - especially since Jack was a frequent shopper there!! One other bonus to the mall location is that it may now allow the designers to add water to the actual monument which is approximately 12 - 13 feet tall.

A fundraising project is underway.   Calendars will be available December 1, 2000.  This year we will be offering two calendars.  One features pictures of Jack and the other features screen captures from the first season of Hawaii Five-0.  These are home-published calendars, printed on quality cardstock paper.  The cost is $10 each which includes postage.  All the proceeds from this venture are going to the Jack Lord Memorial fund.  If you would like a calendar, please send a check or money order made out to:  The Hawaii Five-0 Fan Club and mail to:  The Hawaii Five-0 Fan Club, c/o 682 Durham Road, Adams, TN 37010.  Be sure and indicate which calendar you would like.   Multiple orders are certainly welcome!

Anyone wishing to make a donation directly to the Memorial Fund may do so by sending a check or money order to: The Jack Lord Memorial Fund, 999 Kalapake Street, Honolulu, HI, 96825 where vice chairman Doug Mossman will see they are properly recorded. Please include your name, address and telephone number with the donation.

memorial conceptinscription for the memorial


For more information on the memorial, check out the website at www.jacklord.co.uk


And now a word from our sponsors:

Anyone interested in copies of Hawaii Five-0 episodes (mostly all full versions) can contact Barbara Brindle at 105 Warren Road, Sparta, NJ 07871.  (phone 973-729-9232 - she does not have email)  Barbara's rates are very reasonable and she's very reliable. 


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We are looking for the following Jack Lord episodes on VHS: Dr. Kildare - A Willing Suspension of Disbelief and the movie The True Story of Lynn Stuart. Anyone who may have information about these programs can contact us at either the fan club or email address listed above.


Memorial contributions can be made to the Jack and Marie Lord Trust c/o Hawaii Community Foundation, 900 Front Street Mall, Suite 1300, Honolulu, HI 96813. This fund was established in 1988 and was set up by the Lord’s to benefit their favorite charities. We have been assured that while personal responses are not possible, Mrs. Lord is made aware of all contributions.


From Jerry Picard: he reminded us that last year Kam Fong underwent surgery for cancer. Jerry spoke to Kam’s son Dennis and who said his dad was a bit down. Anyone interested in sending cards to wish him well may do so. The address is Kam Fong, c/o Dennis Chun, 2578C-2 Pacific Hts. Rd. Honolulu, HI 96813.


Aloha, see you in 

April, 2001
























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