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  Volume 2                                     July, 2000                                           Issue 7



As you are all aware by now, WGN has yanked Five-0 from their network lineup.  One of our members got a response that the show just wasn't popular enough.  Huh?  (Or as McGarrett would say, "Henh???")    One option would be for all of us to complain.  This can be done by email at  or writing to Neil Hoffman, 220 East 42nd Street, New York, NY 10017 or there's a phone number to call - 773-528-2311 which I think belongs to WGN.  It has also been suggested that we contact another national channel such as A&E and TVLand.  Perhaps if they get enough of us asking for the show, they might just add it to their lineup. Just one or two of us isn't going to make a difference but if everyone sends in a request, who knows.   There are over 500 members of the fan club and the discussion list.  Certainly that many should make a difference! 

In the meantime, some of us are lucky enough to have Five-0 shown in their area. 

Allentown PA WFMZ


3pm weekdays

Austin KNVA


10am weekdays
Bethlehem PA 2/3 times a day!!
Boston WPBX


2am weekdays
Charlotte WAXN


10am weekdays
College Sta/Bryant TX KAKW 1pm weekdays
Concord NH


2am weekdays
Dallas KDFI


5am & 11am weekdays
Detroit WDWB 10:30 weekdays
Hawaii KWHE


6pm weekdays
Jacksonville FL WNFT 1am weekdays
Kansas City WDAF


2pm Sunday
Minneapolis/St Paul WFTC


3am weekdays
Philadelphia WGTW


10 & 11am weekdays


4am weekdays
Seattle KONG 4pm Saturday
Tampa WTTA


1am weekdays
Tucson KWBA

Sun and Mon morning

Tulsa KOKI 4am T-F
England Granada Plus 2pmM-F/6am T-F
Australia TV1 10am and 11:30pm Thursday
Ottawa Ontario UNCUT but in French!! weekdays

One of our members reports that WGN is showing Five-0 at about 3am on Monday mornings (central time) but it is not listed on their website lineup.

Thanks to everyone who helped with this list.  I'll be moving it over to the fan club site shortly so if there are any additions (hopefully) or corrections, please email me at McGarrett@hawaiifive0.org.


Meeting James MacArthur “Danno”

by Sid Aust

Hello fans of Hawaii Five-0... I have been communicating with Debbie who writes the newsletter for Hawaii Five-0 and she invited me to write about my experiences with meeting James MacArthur.  As you may guess, the TV program of Hawaii Five-0 is in my opinion the best TV series of all time.  I still watch the reruns and turn up the theme song when the program comes on. My wife always says, ”Why on earth do you turn it up so loud?” She just does not understand my love of the program and the theme song.

Several years ago one the goals I put down for myself was to meet well known personalities, not anyone specific.  My mentor says just put it on paper and somehow it will manifest itself. At that time I started wondering where in the world does a country boy meet well-known people.  I happen to have a friend who owns a theater, and we were talking one day.  He suggested that we go to the Memphis Film Festival sometime.   I had never heard of the Memphis Film festival, and as we talked, I became more and more interested.  The Memphis Film festival takes place each year in August in Memphis, Tennessee.  The festival has been going on for about 28 years.  Now I could just kick myself for not knowing about this all these years.  Some of the stars I grew up watching on TV and the big screen were there Just to name a few... Dale Robinson, James MacArthur, Morgan Woodward, Debra Paget, Jack Elam, Ben Johnson. There have been many more that I missed. Most are all deceased now. But,  back to my experiences with James MacArthur. I am a photographer on weekends and am usually busy photographing weddings.

My first film festival was about 6 years ago. I happened to pick up a Memphis paper, which I hardly ever read, and as I went through it, Jack Elam popped up on one of the pages.  He was going to be at the festival.  Of course, I stopped everything and did not accept any weddings for that weekend.  I said to my wife that I just wanted to meet Jack Elam and get his autograph. That’s all I wanted. I got it, and now I am hooked on meeting the stars I watched while growing up.

At the film festival I saw a flyer that said James MacArthur was confirmed to come that next year.  I said to myself wow ... I get to meet James MacArthur.  I could hardly wait. Well, 12 months rolled around and finally August was here so away I went to Memphis, Tenn.  At the festival all the stars have certain places on the hotel premises they go for autograph sessions.  But the film festival is much, much more than the autograph sessions. Well anyway, I was standing in line like everybody else waiting my turn to speak and maybe get a photo with him.  Well, my turn came and I had a photograph from Hawaii Five-O for him to sign.  I kind of nervously asked him if could I get my photo with him. He said sure.  So I sat down beside him not

James MacArthur and Sid Aust

knowing what I could say to one of the characters of one of my favorite shows of all time. I just kind of leaned over and told him I did not have many weekends off because I photograph weddings on weekends. “Oh,” he said, ”You are a photographer!” Then and there he stopped everything and we started talking while everybody waited in line. I guess they were wondering what was so special about me that he would hold up the line for.  Well anyway, he told me he owns a publication called Seniors in California and it goes out to about half a million monthly. Each month he writes a story about a past actor and what they are doing now after their film career, etc.  And there were some he was writing about now that were at the festival and he asked me to photograph them for him. I was thinking to myself, he wants me to photograph them for him!  Man, this is my time to shine.  And for 2 days I photographed for him, Debra Paget, Dale Robinson, Kevin McCarthy, and Marsha Hunt.    These actors are retired from the film business.

During the 2 days of talking to him, I found him to be an extremely nice guy and very down to earth. When the film festival came to an end each day, he would be in the hotel lobby talking with the fans. He stated that he has three businesses, one in Hawaii, a ski lodge in Colorado, and the publication Called “Seniors in California”.  He said that several years ago they were going to come out with the return of Hawaii Five-0 for TV - a 2 hr special, but that was the time Jack Lord became ill, etc. And what would Hawaii Five-O be like without McGarrett!  So that scraped it.  Now I understand there is a movie in the making.

Meeting James MacArthur sure gave this ole country boy a thrill.    One day while I was photographing for him, he told me to be sure to send him a bill.  I would have done it for nothing.  I made all slides for him and also made him copies of 8x10’s and sent them to him.  He gave me his telephone number!  Here is a well known star was giving me his telephone number!  Of course, I never called.  He sent me a check for $50.00 and wrote a nice note that said if he could ever do anything for me to please let him know.

So that is what it was like to meet James MacArthur.  Hope everyone enjoyed it as much I enjoyed writing it! 

Sid Aust


A Store That McGarrett Would Love

Our roving reporter has done it again! Leilani Kimmel-Dagostino has discovered the perfect store for McGarrett - in California!!

Hilo Hatties, founded on Oahu in 1963, opened up it's first mainland store in Orange, California last year. It's a 20,000 square foot store with an official greeter who places a shell necklace around your neck to spread the "Aloha Spirit." The biggest sellers at this location are the knit sport shirts, pukas, Li Hing Mui snacks and Huli Huli. Also, because of customer demand at this store only, the company now sells long-sleeved Aloha shirts - a first in it's 37 -year history. McGarrett would have a field day!!!!


We Hang Our Own - an Episode Review

by Julie Austin

This episode makes you think of how things were handled before we had law and order.

Colonel Farraday, played by actor Leslie Nielsen, was great as the powerful land baron.  His brand of justice was like that of the old west.  He believed in a life for a life.  Justice for killers and rustlers was at the end of a rope.

His sons, Cam played by Bruce Boxleitner and Jay, played by Perry King, were portrayed very well.  Cam is well loved and favored in the eyes of the Colonel.    Jay, the older son has never cared about the education of running the ranch so it is all to fall on the younger son

colonel Faraday

Jay picks his brother up at the airport acting like he's happy for Cam to be home.  They drive to a bar for a beer where Carmen Kahela, played by Elissa Dulce, works.  Cam and Carmen go out back to talk.  While they are outside, Carmen's husband Larry, played by Gerald Waialae, arrives.  Jay tells Larry that his wife is out back.  Larry gets into a fight with Cam as Carmen watches.  Jay also watches from a distance. Kahela and his wife leave and Jay sees his chance.  He kills his brother and tells his father that Larry Kahela did it.  Jay stands next to the Colonel at Cam's funeral.  After the service, he drives his father back to the house.    The Colonel has Jay tell him again what happened with Cam and Kahela.

Jay is at Kahela's hearing when the Colonel arrives with one of the ranch hands.  When the judge does not immediately jail Kahela for murder, the Colonel is not happy and leaves the hearing.  Later that night Kahela has visitors.  He is kidnapped and taken to the Farraday ranch.   At this time Captain Ohano of the local police force sends for the Five-0 team to help with the investigation.

McGarrett goes to the Farraday ranch with his men and is met at the gate by Jay and some ranch hands.  Jay tells McGarrett his father is working on the ranch and the only way to get there is by horseback.  McGarrett shows Jay that he knows how to get on a horse and how to ride!  After meeting with the Colonel and leaving the ranch, McGarrett knows in his heart that the Colonel is not telling the truth about where Larry Kahela is, so he gets a court order to check the ranch.  The Colonel gets a phone call telling him that McGarrett, Captain Ohano and his officer will be coming to the ranch to look for Kahela in the morning.

scene by the fence from We Hang Our Own

McGarrett has an encounter with the Colonel and he informs him that his land was given to Isaiah Farraday by the King as a grant. Sparks fly because McGarrett informs the Colonel that his land is part of the sovereign state of Hawaii! Not finding Kahela they leave.

Upon arriving back at the hotel, Kahela's wife wants to speak to McGarrett.  She tells him that she is sure Cam was alive when she and her husband left hem.  While they are talking, Che Fong shows up from Honolulu with some interesting evidence. 

They all go to the field where Cam Farraday was killed.  McGarrett picks up a smooth rock and like a ball player throws it and tells everyone to start looking in an area where the murder weapon might be.  Captain Ohano finds the rock which has dried blood on it.  Che Fong gets prints off of the rock and has them telexed to Honolulu.  While this is going on, the Colonel informs Jay that Kahela will be hanged in the morning.  While McGarrett and the others wait, the Colonel and his ranch hands take Kahela from one area to where he will be hanged. screen capture from episode


When McGarrett gets the call and finds out that Jay killed Cam and not Kahela, they get on a chopper to rush to the Farraday ranch.  The Colonel is reading scripture from the Bible.  He then orders that the rope be put around Kahela's neck.  The chopper flies nearby and the Colonel grabs his own man off of the horse and tries to hang Kahela himself.  McGarrett tells the Colonel not to do it and and tells him that they have found the murder weapon.  He looks at Jay and tells him to tell them about it.

Jay grabs a rifle and points it at his father.  The Colonel looks at his son and says "I loved him and you hated him?"  The Colonel then grabs the rifle from Jay and slaps him.  Jay falls near a log and the reaction is seen on McGarrett's face.  The Colonel then aims the rifle at Jay and Jay tells him to "shoot me, Papa.  I wish you had done it years ago".  McGarrett pleads with the Colonel not to do it, to let the law handle it.  The Colonel snaps back to his senses, throws the rifle to McGarrett and points his finger at Jay, shouting, "Get him off my land!"  McGarrett has them arrested, Jay for murder and Colonel Farraday for kidnapping.

you're not my son

Leslie Nielsen played Brent in the pilot episode.  Bruce Boxleitner was in And the Horse Jumped Over the Moon and The Capsule Kidnapping.  Perry King was in The Banzai Pipeline.  The music in this episode as well as the landscape was truly great and well done.



From the Hollywood Reporter - Monday, September 30, 1968 - Television Review section

Following the feature-length pilot September 20, a film with James Bond overtones, Hawaii Five-0 settled down last Thursday to it's hour-long format as a better-than-average detective story set in the lush locale of the Islands. The overwhelming aura of the tropical background carried the interest.

In the movie pilot, Jack Lord, as state investigator McGarrett, went after international villains bilking secrets from CIA guys. This time around, he aimed for a man and woman squeezing dough out of , and killing, widows who came to Hawaii to get away from it all. Kevin McCarthy and Louise Troy portrayed the coldhearted swindlers with chilling ease, sadism and a smile

The regular cast showed up in this one, including eager James MacArthur as McGarrett's aide, young Danny Williams, and Richard Denning, playing the Governor and Lord's boss. Hawaiian-types Kam Fong and Zulu are carryovers from the feature portraying the efficient but occasionally funny special policemen in the Five-0 unit, which now includes a new office girl, May, another flippant and bouncy female helper as delineated by Maggi Parker.

To catch the criminal couple, Lord sets up a trap using a policewoman (Patricia Smith) as bait, with Williams hovering about in the background to make certain she is not killed out of hand. Miss Smith gave a fine performance, June Allyson-style, in playing the sweet, agog-at-the-attention widow. She carries the case forward right up to the point where McCarthy and Miss Troy are serving her poison in a cocktail glass aboard their yacht. When she "accidentally" spills the lethal potion, the couple decide to throttle her. Lord, of course, is off the bow in an outboard motorboat and races up in time to thwart    them. MacArthur has the honor to shoot and kill Kevin, which causes Miss Troy, his accomplice, to remark coldly, "He always was the lucky one."

Joseph Gantman produced the hour, under exec producer Leonard Freeman. Ken Kolb scripted and Richard Benedict directed. Frank Phillips, Director of photography, deserves a hand for some of the imaginative shots he captures. (By Bob Hull)


Jack Lord Memorial

The Memorial project to honor Jack Lord is well underway. The committee was very successful on their recent trip to Hawaii to get the project underway. The sculptor for the project is Sean Brown, a Hawaiian artist well known for his talent through other pieces in Honolulu. The site for the Memorial is on the grounds of the Kahala Mall. The management and owners considered it an honor to have their mall chosen - especially since Jack was a frequent shopper there!! One other bonus to the mall location is that it may now allow the designers to add water to the actual monument which is approximately 12 - 13 feet tall.

Anyone wishing to make a donation to the Memorial Fund may do so by sending a check or money order to: The Jack Lord Memorial Fund, 999 Kalapake Street, Honolulu, HI, 96825 where vice chairman Doug Mossman will see they are properly recorded. Please include your name, address and telephone number with the donation.

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For more information on the memorial, check out the website at 


Pau Hana

Those who sent stories to Karen Rhodes last summer for consideration for Pau Hana 6 are requested to resubmit their stories. Karen had a computer crash last summer and everything was lost. It was a hard drive failure and not recoverable. Therefore, she has lost the stories and all e-mail concerning them. So, please resubmit your stories.  You can email Karen at ladyjaguar@earthlink.net.


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From Jerry Picard: he reminded us that last year Kam Fong underwent surgery for cancer. Jerry spoke to Kam’s son Dennis and who said his dad was a bit down. Anyone interested in sending cards to wish him well may do so. The address is Kam Fong, c/o Dennis Chun, 2578C-2 Pacific Hts. Rd. Honolulu, HI 96813.


Aloha, see you in October, 2000






























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