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  Volume 3                                     July,   2001                                          Issue 11



If you are really into television trivia, you should check out the book Written Out of Television - a TV Lover's Guide to Cast Changes 1945-1994 by Steven Lance. It tells of the many changes to cast members of hundreds of television programs along with some pictures of what might have been. While I have no confirmation that any of the stories related here are 100% accurate - it does make for some interesting reading! Here's what he had to say about Hawaii Five-0.

After James MacArthur left Hawaii Five-0, Steve McGarrett (Jack Lord) could no longer shout "Book'em Danno," demonstrating again that old adage that nothing lasts forever, even on television.

In a TV Guide interview MacArthur said, "After eleven years I decided it was enough. I wanted to do other things. I didn't quit for any one thing in particular. I haven't spoken to Jack (Lord). I was out of the country and I told my agent to call the producers with my decision. I didn't think it was necessary to tell Jack. I suppose it will be hard to imagine Hawaii Five-0 without Danny...but that's the way it goes."

The new character was "Kimo" Carew, played by stuntman William Smith, who was quite different from the actor he was hired to replace. MacArthur had a rounder, more boyish face; Smith's face was hard and worn and his physical build was much bigger than MacArthur's.

His first major television role was gunfighter Joe Riley on the NBC Western, Laredo, which aired from September 16, 1965 to September 1, 1967. Smith once said that he had won that roll, not because of his acting ability, but more likely because he was able to ride tall in the saddle and squint real well. Movie buffs may recognize William Smith as the vampire in the 1973 horror film, Grave of the Vampire.

But James MacArthur was not the first person replaced on this, television's longest continually running police/detective shows.

Gilbert Kauhi used Zulu as his professional name, and was a popular character actor, disc jockey and stand-up comedian in Hawaii who had minor roles in the 1959 motion picture, Gidget and the 1966 historical drama, Hawaii. 

It is true that Zulu had become dissatisfied with his role because he felt his abilities were not being fully utilized, but this is not why he left Hawaii Five-0. It has been suggested that Zulu was fired over an incident in which Jack Lord forbade him to accept an honorary membership in the United States Coast Guard, an honor which Lord reportedly felt should have been reserved for himself. The change in cast had little affect on the series, which revolved around the Steve McGarrett character.

The other minor character that was replaced was McGarrett's secretary. The second actress to assume the role was Peggy Ryan, who as teenager danced with Donald O'Connor. In 1943 she played Jan Warren in Top Man. The following year she played Patsy Monahan in The Merry Monahans.

The pilot film for Hawaii Five-0 aired on September 20, 1968 and had a few different faces. McGarrett's assistant, Danny Williams, was played by Tim O'Kelly, but it was felt that he was a little too hard looking, so he was replaced by James MacArthur. Yet when MacArthur left the series , he was replaced by an actor who was perhaps more similar to O'Kelly than to himself. The original Governor of Hawaii was played by veteran actor Lew Ayres who had played in the 1930 All Quiet on the Western Front and had starred as Dr. James Kildare in nine films beginning with the 1938 medical drama Young Dr. Kildare. This film series later inspired the successful Dr. Kildare television version starring Richard Chamberlain. When the series was sold, Ayres did not wish to move to Hawaii and was replaced by Richard Denning. He had starred in the title roll of the Michael Shayne detective series.

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                                                 JENNY WHO?????????

According to the above article, Peggy Ryan replaced Maggi Parker and was then replaced herself by an assortment of ladies by the name, of Lani, Malia and Luana. But there was another secretary who appeared in only one episode during the start of the second season and for only a very brief appearance. Her name is Patricia Tuscano Barnes and according to a Paramount biography, she was born in Newcastle, Pennsylvania on January 21, 1939. She grew up in Newcastle and after being graduated from high school moved with her parents to Fort Pierce, Florida where she attended business school. Subsequently, she worked as a secretary during the day and studied modern jazz dance at night.

screen capture from series

The family then returned to Pennsylvania, where Patricia joined the Newcastle Playhouse, a community theater group, for three years. She starred in Damn Yankees and appeared in other productions in leading and supporting roles, and interspersed her acting with publicity, lighting and property-master duty.

Her Hawaii Five-0 role of Jenny, secretary to state investigator Steve McGarrett (series star Jack Lord) is her professional acting debut.

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Just Stuff

If you are interested in Hawaii Five-0 Collectibles, check out this website : http://www.hpdcollectibles.pair.com/50.html. While they are also selling these items on Ebay occasionally, they seem to have a full stock at the website. They currently carry badges, ID's and t-shirts and I've been told they plan to add more to their line in the near future. If you would like to write to them, the address is HPD Collectibles, P.O. Box 12223, Honolulu, HI 96828. Sorry, I couldn't find a phone number!! (Thanks to Brian Linton)

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Local Flavor by Cindy Kimura

Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam. How many of you remember that famous Monty Python sketch? To the English, Spam was a good joke. Ask any Hawaiian however and you get good eats.

I'm sure several of you know the story of why the Hawaiian's love Spam. It was during WWII when fresh meat was a scarce commodity and canned meats were shipped in. So Spam, Vienna sausages and canned sardines were shipped in and thus begun the love affair with Spam. By the way, did you know that Hawaii has the biggest per capita consumption of Spam?

This ubiquitous luncheon meat can be found on any menu from breakfast to dinner. Only in Hawaii can you find Spam at McDonalds, Spam and eggs of course. For lunch or dinner, you can find Spam on any plate lunch menu, with gravy naturally. Spam can be seasoned any way you like it. My husband prefers shoyu (soy sauce) Spam, his own creation, adding corn and sugar and then putting it all over steamed white rice.

What, can't wait until dinner for some Spam? How about a snack of Spam musubi (sushi) pronounced muu-sue-be? It's Hawaii's version of a California Roll. You use a little seaweed (nigri), sushi rice (Japanese rice flavored with rice vinegar) and Spam. A quick portable snack and very satisfying. Hey where else in Hawaii can you find Spam Musubi at the movies? My husband smiled with glee when we watched Pearl Harbor-The Movie which is were he got his Spam musubi while we were in Oahu. And better yet when an Auntie made Spam musubi for snacks for the plane ride home back to the mainland. 

The other canned meats can also be found in sushi. My mother-in-law makes her own version with canned sardines. So, you thought Spam was only made for sandwiches. Next time you're in Hawaii try a plate lunch with Spam and eat like the locals.

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Memories of Hawaii Five-0

In 1968 Michelle Dell was living in the house pictured. At that time the house was owned by a Mrs. Lee who allowed the Five-0 crew to film a segment in her living room. All Michelle remembers of the scene was that McGarrett was talking to a woman in that room. "With all the film crew there and excitement in the air, Jack Lord actually took the time to give out his autograph for all the star struck neighbor kids while he sat on the hood of his car." Michelle can't remember the episode. Anyone want to hazard a guess as to which show it might have been? Email me at Jlord5@aol.com if you have any ideas.

photo of house from Five-0



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                                  A Trip to Hawaii by Cindy Kimura

I knew it was going to be a good trip when the song I heard as I boarded the plane was the Hawaii Five-0 theme. The trip to Oahu was uneventful for once. On our last trip, it had taken us eleven hours to make the trip, for my husband and I had been delayed on the ground for six hours.

After we landed in Honolulu, we got our bags and headed to the car rental agency. The first stop was my relatives, for we were here for my father-in-laws 50th high school reunion for the class of '51.

After we visited with our relatives, our first stop was at Patty's Chinese kitchen in the Ala Moana Mall. With lunch done, we checked into the Hale Koa hotel. After we got comfortable, we headed for the beach; it was damn hot and sticky. We stayed in the water until we started shaking. Ahh paradise!!!

My husband and I got up early on Friday, which was our first real day in paradise. We didn't do much, but did spend the morning in Hilo Hatties, which is on Nimitz Highway. You see I needed to get a nice muu-muu for the banquet on Saturday. After we dropped Dad off at his get together later that night, we went to Mililani to see Pearl Harbor-The Movie, grabbed some Leonard's malsadas and saw the movie. We found out later that the scenes of the Oklahoma were filmed on the U.S.S. Missouri. But that's later in the story.

Anyway, Saturday we had dim sum at Hee Hing with relatives (author's note: many meals with relatives). And then came the banquet. We ate at the famous Dot's Drive in Waiwae. Don't laugh!!! This place even caters to some top events in Honolulu. My father-in-law had a great time!! 

Now on to Sunday, this included going to church, more malsadas, and dinner with relatives. Me, I was personally waiting for Monday. Hint, hint. Oh, and we went to the Pali Pass and actually walked on the old Pali Highway, which was very narrow and steep. 

We also went to the Valley of the Temples to see Byodo Temple and all the koi fish. Feeding them was great. You can buy fish food and when you throw it into the pond all these koi come up to the surface for the food. For those who don't know, the Byodo Temple was used in Hawaii Five-O, along with Magnum P.I. along with numerous other movies and TV shows shot on Oahu.

Glorious Monday finally came. I woke up my husband so he could go play golf and I waited at the hotel. I had an appointment. I know what you're thinking why would I be so excited about my appointment. Well I was meeting Glenn Cannon at Zippy's. That article will be in the next issue!!

Tuesday was my day with my hubby. I decided we were going to go back to the Missouri to see how much progress they had made since we were there two years ago. It was great!! The tour had changed and we didn't have to climb as many damn ladders. You see there is no such thing as escalators or elevators on a destroyer!!! When we were ready to leave, the sky opened up. It rained sheets and sheets and sheets. We had to spend our time in the submarine museum as we waited out the storm. It's an excellent museum. It will take you from the first sub to up to the modern nuke boats.

Wednesday, humm, I'm now losing what day of the week it is and what we did, think brain think. Oh that's right, I took myself to Queen Emma's Summer Palace. Several episodes of Magnum had been filmed there. Later that day hubby and I watched a glorious exciting lightening storm off our lanai. We saw great cloud to cloud and cloud to ocean bolts. It was so exciting it made the front page of the Advertiser.

Thursday, actually that was my shopping day. I went and bought all my favorite Hawaiian musicians. I highly recommend Na Leo. And then later that night we ate at this fantastic restaurant called Pahkee. It means 'Chinese' I think in pidgin. We had a glorious mouth watering menu, fusion Chinese. Our menu started out with a chip and tip, taro, plantain and other chips with a potato, taro dip. Then we had some hoison baby back ribs, followed by a honey walnut spinach salad, individual won ton soup, followed by a light fish course. Dessert was coconut sorbet with fresh fruit. Needless to say we had to be rolled out of the restaurant. Ahh, another beautiful day in paradise.

Friday, the auntie's, cousin, mother-in-law and I ate lunch at the Willows. It's a very famous restaurant that was closed down for many years and finally reopened two years ago. It is a totally open restaurant with fountains all over the place, which is known for it's curry and the food is served buffet style. After lunch we of course had to go shopping, right?? Of course, before hubby and I returned to the hotel, we had dinner with the relatives that night. But before this, I had gone out to the beach and got myself a glorious sunburn. You see my husband calls me transparent; in-laws call me shark bait. But that's the price you pay for vacationing in Paradise.

Saturday-King Kamehaha Day, the parade I had been waiting for. We sat in front of the Library on King Street. I even got to shake the hand of the Mayor of Honolulu, just because he was running for Governor had nothing to do with it of course. So the parade started, as I anxiously waited for the Pau riders and floats. It was a short parade, only an hour and 15 minutes. See I'm spoiled with the Rose Parade, but it was worth the wait.

Afterwards we went to the mission houses, for a craft fair and I got a shave ice. Then we drove to St. Andrew's Priory. They shot several Magnum episodes there, you know the church scenes where Magnum first meets, his supposed dead wife. Anyway, then we went to pick up some sushi to take home. But in the meantime, I convinced Cousin Clare to drive me to United Church that is where they filmed the 'Pig in the Blanket' episode of Dan and the gang at Olena's funeral. I finally made it. Last time I drove by it and didn't stop. Nowadays the Japanese tourists use the churches to get married in. Oh well time marches on. Dinner again at Kaipoloni Cafe, known for its Oxtail soup. No, I didn't have any. I stuck with the Teriyaki chicken, thank you.

Sunday- Oh well back to reality. Vacation is over, well almost. I have another week or two of surprises in my life. Leaving Paradise and going back to the mainland. Vacation blues set in even before the plane takes off.

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Jack Lord Memorial

Recently, the Memorial Committee has decided to make a change from the original idea for a memorial sculpture. We will keep you up updated on the new design as well as a target date for the unveiling. Stay tuned.

Anyone wishing to make a donation directly to the Memorial Fund may do so by sending a check or money order to: The Jack Lord Memorial Fund, 999 Kalapake Street, Honolulu, HI, 96825 where vice chairman Doug Mossman will see they are properly recorded. Please include your name, address and telephone number with the donation.    

For more information on the memorial, check out the website at www.jacklord.co.uk

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