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  Volume 4                                     July, 2002                                          Issue 15


Tommy Fujiwara
by Jerry Pickard

Probably one of the few "occasional" actors who appeared in a great number of episodes, would be Tom Fujiwara. He often played a "cocky rogue" type of part. Your novice interrogator is grateful for the good fortune of getting in touch with him during a Honolulu stop-over in February 2002. Tom wasn't feeling quite up to driving over the Ko'olaus for a face-to-face meeting, but did kindly consent to what turned into a one-hour-plus con-flab by phone. Some highlights follow.

Tom, approaching his 70th birthday at the time of this contact, let me know right off the top that he was quite familiar with the Waikiki location from which I called him. Although the very comfortably attractive Queen Kapi'olani Hotel is there now, back in 1954 The Clouds nightclub occupied that site. And Tom was its opening act!

It seems Master Fujiwara was destined to be a performer from a very young age. He was a product of the not-typically-prosperous Honolulu community known as Kaka'ako, part of the city's somewhat seamy side near downtown. But on being handed a microphone while still in elementary school, Tom's initial introvertedness quickly metamorphosed into a very extroverted and capable entertainer, primarily as a vocalist. Currently, he visits convalescent homes for the elderly mainly on O'ahu, and draws from his 2000+ repertoire of songs, many from Broadway hit shows, to perform for these 'makua.' He said he derives much satisfaction in doing this "uplifting of others" spirits.

More on Tom's very evident philosophical side later.

Tom Fugiwara

Like many of the so-called 'bit players,' Tom had initially been spotted by those scouting for Five-0 while he was doing something else on-stage, and he became more or less conscripted. He was emceeing at the old Oasis Club when Ted Thorpe, who was heavily
involved with the series early location casting, invited him to a reading for the show. His first role, in 1969, was as an instructor for 'kendo,' that distinctive form of Japanese martial arts, of course. Tom pointed out that he'd never taken any acting lessons, and Jack Lord was aware of this. The latter would regularly take him aside and offer helpful direction. Tom learned during these impromptu tutoring sessions that the better he performed, the more close-ups from the camera he was likely to get.  And then the more roles as well: he averaged three to four significant appearances a year, to the end of the
show's run.

Tom Fujiwara came across to me as a particularly down-to-earth fellow. He mentioned going on his first-ever trip to the Mainland in 1972, initially to a Chicago financial convention where his wife was being honored as a banker-of-the-year. A number of
people at O'Hare Airport recognized him, shouting "Five-0!" much to his amazement. Later during this journey, he turned on his hotel TV in Maine, and was shocked to hear his own voice--Five-0 was playing.  Back on the Islands, many residents stared but he grew
rather used to that on home turf. Yet he is even now very taken aback when he goes to the Lower 48 and passersby demonstrably associate him with the show.

Fujiwara still watches the series, and admits he is somewhat critical of how he played his characters at the time. As for its longevity, Tom feels that television audiences in those times were ready for the antidote of seeing major groups of people of different
colors/cultural origins in remarkable harmony.  (Against the backdrop of the rampant civil and ethnic strife in much of America, and the incessant war-faring in Southeast Asia, the contrast of Five-0 did indeed shine brightly.) 

Tom, incidentally, was credited as a guest star in the Charley's Angels' two-hour "Angels in Paradise.  He also landed a minor part in the movie "Midway." 

A message to Five-0's fans everywhere: Fujiwara wanted it known that for him, it was a real privilege to be able to help in projecting Hawai'i to the world, and to present the Islands in the beautiful light of racial togetherness overall. He emphasized he does not primarily regard himself as an American of Japanese Ancestry, but simply an American.

Our chat wound down with a vignette from Tom's childhood. At the age of seven, he made a promise to himself that he would walk from Kaka'ako to Waikiki that year (about a four-mile stroll). Everybody told him he wouldn't be able to do it. Nonetheless, he set
out for his destination, the Royal Hawaiian Hotel which was then only about 10 years old. He was very pleased with his progress...until he reached the Halekulani Hotel. It wasn't the Royal Hawaiian, so he concluded he was lost and retraced his steps back
home. Soon afterwards, he learned that if he'd had the courage to press on just a little bit further, he would have arrived at the so-called Pink Palace. So, he's drawn from that little story for inspiration many times ever since, saying if one is discouraged in reaching a goal, just try to go One More Block, One More Block.

Thank you, Tom, for this and for taking the time to speak with me. You are a true Five-0 kama'aina, and we the fans wish you well! 

small blue flowers

Forty Feet High and It Kills

  an episode review

by Catherine Hattrem

This episode, which aired October 8, 1969, could well be named "Wo Fat is Back." It was written by Ed Lakso and Robert C. Dennis, and was directed by Michael O'Herlihy. The fine cast included Will Geer, well known as Grandpa on "The Waltons", as Professor Harold Lochner, Sabrina Scharf, who had a key role in "F.O.B. Honolulu", as his daughter Victoria, Khigh Dhiegh as Wo Fat, and William F. Bigelow II, often seen in other episodes of the show, as Padway, in charge of security for the science conference.

The opening serves as a good re-introduction to Wo Fat, the ruthless Red Chinese agent. It is a little surprising that his agents don't simply kill the security guards at the Weather Station (perhaps, drugging them was deemed the best way to handle them) but the cold efficiency with which they approach and take their target flows smoothly into our first glimpse of Wo Fat. Through the entire episode, his whole focus is to insure that Lochner 
does go to China. But his arrogant confidence in his own efficiency and ruthlessness are his undoing. He underestimates Steve McGarrett, and doesn't seem to consider the human element, and how it might affect the  outcome of his mission, at all. He is taken by surprise when Steve's men are waiting for his agent at the villa. It doesn't occur to him that this agent might accidentally betray Wo Fat's presence in Hawaii when he is shot 
and captured. And even then, his concern is still to get the medication, not about what might happen to the agent. Since another agent doesn't see anyone tailing him on the way back from the pharmacy, Wo Fat is taken off guard when Steve comes running into the warehouse, and is unable to regain the upper hand.

What makes all this believable is watching Steve at work.  The contrast between the ruthless efficiency of the Chinese agents and Steve's lowkey presence at the conference is startling.  But once the crime has been committed, Steve goes into high gear.  He does not underestimate the seriousness of the situation or the efficiency and professionalism of whoever has kidnapped Lockner, even before he knows that it is Wo Fat.  Steve flirted with Victoria earlier, but once he goes to work to save her father, he treats her with professional kindness, understanding and courtesy.  He asks about the human side of her father, not only because this will help him to shape his strategy, but for her sake.  The only time Steve does get rough with Victoria is when she questions his motives for saving her father and only then because her attitude takes him by surprise.

This episode gives a very satisfying picture of Steve McGarrett. When he greets Padway, and as he relates with him, we see a man whom other people remember and consider a good friend, even when it has been years since they have seen each other. Steve lets Padway be in charge at the villa, and treats him with respect, courtesy, and friendliness. When Padway joshes him for This episode gives a very satisfying picture of Steve McGarrett. When he greets Padway, and as he relates with him, we see a man whom other people remember and consider a good friend, even when it has been years since they have seen each other. Steve lets Padway be in charge at the villa, and treats him with respect, courtesy, and friendliness. When Padway joshes him for his easy duty in Hawaii, Steve protests that it isn't so, he hasn't had a day off for two weeks, but he gives the impression that he is not complaining; he is very happy with his life and his work. When Padway comes into the Five-O office after Lochner is kidnapped, he and Steve exchange an understanding glance and exchange a few words. They are both professionals, they know what has to be done, and they will work together to accomplish it. And 
Steve has anticipated what Padway needs to do his job; Danno assists him in the office, and when Steve contacts Danno and Chin, to tell them to go to the villa, they are still working with Padway.

screen capture from Forty Feet Highscreen capture from Forty Feet High

Steve and Danno's relationship is an important element in this episode. Steve gives Danno very specific instructions from the beach, and is not surprised that they have all been carried out when he gets back to the office. When Danno starts talking about the problems with their emergency plan, Steve interrupts him, but calmly, acknowledging that his concerns are valid. Danno's suggestion as to why certain agencies did not receive the tsunami warning is logical, but Steve does not agree with Danno's conclusion, that since part of the plan was faulty, most or all of it must be. We are left wondering if Danno is the one who developed this plan.

Steve puts Danno in charge of working with Padway, he sends him and Chin to the villa, he tells him, more than Chin or Victoria, about Wo Fat. Danno questions Steve"s strategy, "are you using telepathy?" but the feel of Steve's response, as he explains that he is trying to think as Lochner the scientist would, tells us a lot about the friendship between these two men. When Danno assures Steve that he and the others will not lose the Chinese agent as they tail him from the pharmacy, we see the iron fist in the velvet glove for the first time. But Danno knows that Steve is expressing his concern for Lochner, not questioning his or the other men's ability to do their jobs.

Lochner is a pleasure to watch; intelligent, and like Steve, a man who finds his life and work satisfying. He plays his chess game with courage, humor, and an intuitive understanding of his opponent, Wo Fat, and his ally, Steve McGarrett. What we almost miss is that Steve matches him in intelligence. Steve may not know the first thing about genetic engineering, but he understands people and can anticipate what they will do. He follows Lochner's moves precisely, and uses his understanding of human nature to develop the strategy that brings the case to a successful conclusion.


(The following is from the November 1991 issue of "Patch Me Through To.." The Iolani Palace Irregulars)

Khigh Dhiegh
1910 - 1991
by Maryann Gallant

Wo Fat appeared in the Five-0 pilot movie and in the last episode of the series, Woe to Wo Fat. According to the production numbers, these two shows were actually filmed first and last. Wo Fat appeared in a total of ten episodes after the pilot movie:

Forty Feet High and It Kills
And a Time to Die
The Ninety Second War
Presenting In the Center Ring - Murder
Nine Dragons
A Bullet for McGarrett
F.O.B. Honolulu
The Jinn Who Cleared the Way
Murder - Eyes Only
Woe to Wo Fat

In the second and third seasons, he appeared in two separates episodes. In the second season, Forty Feet High and It Kills and A Bullet for McGarrett. His part in A Bullet for McGarrett is so small, however, that many fans forget it in their list of Wo Fat episodes. In the third season, there were And A Time to Die and F.O.B. Honolulu, a two part episode.

Out of Wo Fat's ten episodes, he had three season openers: the third season with And a Time to Die, the eighth season with Murder - Eyes Only, and the ninth season with Nine Dragons. 

screen capture of Khigh Dhiegh

Khigh Dhiegh was born in 1910 in Spring Lake, New Jersey, but lived most of his life in New York City. During his life, he wrote eleven books, crafted jewelry and taught philosophy at the University of California at Los Angeles. He was a follower of the I Ching and recognized as one of its leading advocates. He owned a Taoist shrine in Tempe, Arizona.

His acting career began when he was "discovered" while working in his mother's New York City book store. A customer asked him if he would like to be in a Broadway play. His acting career led, as we all know, eventually to Hawaii Five-0 where he took on the role of Wo Fat in the pilot movie. In the original script, Wo Fat was killed at the end, but Jack Lord took a liking to the character as an emesis for McGarrett and wanted him to reappear in the series.

Khigh Dhiegh had a series of his own called Khan in which he played a private detective who solved crimes with the help of his two children. Khan's daughter Anna was played by Irene Yah-Ling Sun who appeared in many Hawaii Five-0 episodes including Yes, My Deadly Daughter. Also in the cast of Khan was Vic Tayback who played Raymond Parmel in the Five-0 episode Bones of Contention. Khan was canceled after only four weeks on the air (Feb 7 - 28, 1975).

Khigh Dhiegh also appeared with Pierce Brosnan in the mini-series Noble House based on the James Clavell novel. Another fine performance he gave us was in the ABC-TV movie Judge Dee in the Monastery Murders based on a character created by Robert van Gulick in his retelling of ancient Chinese tales of a fictional judge of the T'ang dynasty.

Khigh Dhiegh died at 81 of heart and liver failure Desert Samaritan Hospital. He had been living in Chandler, Arizona.

(Thanks to Maryann who found this information in a newspaper article at the time of Khigh Dhiegh's death. Other information comes from The Complete Directory to Prime-Time TV stars, 1946 to Present by Tim Brooks and from The Complete Directory to Prime-Time TV Shows by Tim Brooks and Earle Marsh.)

small blue flowers

photo of ABC store


Everyone was glad when Hilo Hatties moved to the mainland, now another Hawaiian favorite has made it to the mainland. For those of you who are lucky to travel or live in the Las Vegas, NV area, ABC stores are now in downtown Las Vegas. The store is located under the Fremont Street Experience and reminded me of being on Waikiki and getting my morning breakfast, muffin and tea.

The front of the store is just like a normal convenience store, selling Las Vegas souvenirs and the usual goodies, aspirin, tanning lotion. But the back of the store takes you to Hawaii, with towels, knickknacks, ukuleles, zodis and other Hawaiian favorites. So if you want a bit of Hawaii try out the ABC store in Las Vegas, NV. 


Be There, Aloha

The Five-0 Pilgrimage

By Kathy Meyer & Annette Nixon


Annette's journey began at 0230.  It was dark when she left her home for the long ride to O'Hare and by the time she reached the city the sun was just coming up. The sky had changed from inky black to dark blue and the lights of downtown Chicago glowed against this monochromatic backdrop. Being a small town girl, born and bred, she could never live in that concrete jungle but the lights have always been impressive to her.

The airport was much busier that anticipated, though the wait was less than 10 minutes.

And of course the "security" was out in full force. Armed with an apology letter from the DOT (regarding an incident in LAX last November) she insisted that her film and disks be hand inspected. This of course meant that the shoes had to be checked------how the two items are related is still confusing but at least the film was spared the megadose of radiation.

Annette had a new digital camera, and was looking forward to using it; the camera was strip searched within an inch of its life. But when a picture of the plane was attempted it was discovered that it had been screwed up. She tried to reprogram it but was unsuccessful so it spent its vacation in the hotel safe.

A very rude gate agent at O’Hare would not allow the laptop to be plugged in to watch a DVD. This was for "security reasons" of course, but later found out that all of the other employees call this agent Sgt. Schultz, some even to her face. J This meant that the next 2 hours were going to be most boring. But thanks to a woman and her dog that were going to Singapore to live with her daughter, time passed rather quickly. 

The flight to LA was overbooked and the airline was looking for volunteers to bump. The reward for this was an upgrade on the next flight, a free round trip ticket AND breakfast.  This was wanted, and in the worst way.  Could have ridden first class to Hawaii on another flight had she chosen to do so. The downside of that would mean arrival in Honolulu at 7pm as opposed to 2pm, nevertheless temptation was gaining. She asked the agent at the gate if he would call the hotel in Waikiki and leave a message for Kathy that she would be late. For a free ticket, Annette rationalized, she would understand, but corporate indifference reared its ugly head and he informed Annette that such requests could not be granted. She then informed them that the request to be bumped could not be granted either and sadly waved her free ticket goodbye. " Sniff sniff " She still misses that ticket.

Remaining on the original flight turned out to be the best course of action after all.  Shortly after the flight from LA to Honolulu departed LAX was closed down for four hours.  Had she been on the second plane she would have missed the connection and been stuck in LA trying to 240 Rule her way onto another plane.

United Airlines has a game they play called Halfway To Hawaii, the purpose of which is to guess the exact moment in HST that the plane crosses the halfway mark.  To assist you in determining this they supply you with numbers with which to create an equation.  There was the amount of fuel, length of wings, empty weight of plane, the time in LA, even the weight of the pilots <G> and slipped in amongst was all that was needed distance, true airspeed and headwind component.

Annette chuckled to herself as the people around her scribbled furiously on their papers making their calculations; because she has been taking flight training at a local airport.  Her calculation was a flight of 5 hours and 21.5 minutes.

Shortly before landing the flight time was announced along with the name of the winner. Annette’s conclusion was only off by 20 seconds! And according to the stewardess, no one had ever gotten it that close before. The prize was a full size bottle of chilled champagne. The captain was curious enough that he stopped her on the way out to ask how she knew. She grinned broadly and said. "One cornfield looks like another so you gotta know where you are." The pilot laughed. 

Hawaii at last! She nearly ran from the terminal. Even though the stench of jet exhaust permeated the air she could still smell the flowers. Fortunately traffic was light and the bus ride to Waikiki didn't turn into a gridlock nightmare. 

Kathy’s flight wasn’t as interesting as Annette’s but arrived in Honolulu in fine shape.  Found the hotel and waited for Annette to arrive.  In the meantime, went browsing around the International Marketplace and enjoyed the Hawaiian sunshine and lunched at Moose Magilludy's.  Annette arrived around 5 PM, we talked for a while in the room then went to dinner at Moose's.


Today we awakened, early for Kathy and way late for Annette, and cemented our plans for the day.  There are two wonderful little books available most everywhere called THIS WEEK IN OAHU and OAHU GOLD which list all of the events, sites etc. along with phone numbers and discount coupons. Pick them up! We arranged all of our little coupons from the books in a pile and made plans for the rest of the week as well.

Breakfast today was at the Moose’s again since we knew right where it was.  They have the most amazing pancakes.  Pearl Harbor was on the agenda for today and according to the new "rules" nothing may be brought into the Arizona site.  Including the pockets of fatigue pants (Annette nearly choked with laughter at that incongruity).  But, having read the website, an "alternative storage facility" AKA a car had to be obtained.  We toyed with the idea of renting something exotic but at $100 a day for a Mustang GT, we were afraid to inquire as to the cost of a Viper. A $17.95 Kia served the same purpose.  But anyhow, she was prepared, she had all of her camera lenses and sunglasses in a clear plastic makeup bag. No thought at all seems to have been given to the personal security of visitors who must openly display such theft-provoking valuables.

These days the entrance into Pearl Harbor is through the Halawa Gate.  Annette had wanted to see the Nimitz Fountain again but alas, it was located in the wrong place. L  At the entrance to the Arizona Memorial there is a flagpole which is surrounded by at least 6 if not 8 palm trees (the fact that the exact number is unknown, only shows you how long we were allowed to pause). The combination of light angle and breeze made it such a moving sight that Annette started to take a picture but was told that this was not allowed.  No photos allowed of a flagpole??!!  Either there were secret messages written in code on the flag or perhaps the palm trees were actually warheads in disguise, Annette thought. This was just the beginning of our surreal odyssey.  Annette is very good at taking clandestine photos but had decided that she would play by the rules, until the flagpole incident, then all bets were off and she took pictures of stuff merely because it was there.

At the Visitors Center Annette met Park Director Daniel Martinez, whom she had been exchanging emails with for almost a year trying to see the part of the USS Arizona's superstructure that was cut off for construction of the memorial.  Had always assumed that whatever leftovers remained were sunk on site but this was not the case. The entire superstructure was hauled away and left on Waipio Point to rust in obscurity.  He again apologized that we were not going to be able to enter the restricted area and told Annette that plans were in the works to move a major portion of it to the park.

At the ticket booth at the Arizona visitor's center we were issued yellow cards and told that there were two groups ahead of us for the film.  This was fine with us. And we happily explored the visitors center and the museum exhibit. There was a supply ship in port for us to study so the time was well spent. The PA system does not broadcast very loud out at the water's edge and as luck would have it, we missed the call for our movie showing. Regrettable, but since we had both seen it before, not as disappointing as it could have been. In five minutes, we were told, the boat would return and we could join the group going out to the memorial.  The Navy only runs one shuttle boat now.

This was actually a godsend of an opportunity, since we were numbers one and two in the boarding line we could choose our seats in order to be the first ones off.  And have a few precious seconds where the view of the wall in the Shrine Room would not be obstructed.  We sat on the edge of the concrete wall and waited.  The wind was barely blowing through our hair as the shuttleboat pulled up at what seemed like the correct time.  A Petty Officer hopped off and headed towards us, presumably to remove the rope chain.  Wrong! He was on his way to the office to announce that the Navy was closing the harbor for the rest of the day--this was noon.  No one was going to be allowed on the memorial!  Upon questioning he stated that the reason was high winds and that it was "unsafe for small craft."  We responded in true McGarrett fashion (recall the ending of The Jinn Who Clears The Way with the Petty Officer as Jonathan Kaye here) and huffed out of the park.

That left us more time to tour the Mighty Mo!  The clear plastic case that was raved at as the perfect solution by the Park Service was totally unacceptable for the Missouri folks.  Can we all say: consistency is good.  When asked what we should do with the camera equipment we were told to "shove it wherever it would fit".  Fresh from dealing with the obnoxious Non Commissioned Officer, boy did Annette have concepts for 'shoving'.  We had to return to the lockerroom-AKA parking lot, which was quite a distance from the attractions, and leave all "unnecessary" items in the trunk.  Later we met a woman who was allowed to buy two admission tickets and then told that she couldn’t bring a small bag of postcards she had bought at the Arizona onboard for "security reasons".  They also refused to refund her money as well.  Stupidity sensometer was starting enter into the red zone!

While on the way to the Missouri we were told that there are no unauthorized cars allowed on the bridge to Ford Island, but the Missouri Memorial operates a trolley to the ship that crosses the bridge and passes through a checkpoint.  Repeatedly we were reminded not to take pictures on the bridge.  Guess what that meant.  Photo-op #296 coming up J for Annette.  She got a beautiful shot of the whole bridge, guardhouse, concrete barriers and all.  This structure is a rarity as bridges go, in order to allow a ship to pass the center of the bridge sinks then retracts under the roadway on either side of the harbor.  This was a "Tuesday " afternoon and there was a sign by the guardhouse, and by judging by the dirt and what not on it, it had been there for quite some time announcing that the bridge would be closed at 0300 Sunday morning.  Talk about camera crews on the beach at Mogadishu.  And a few postcards are hazardous? Makes one wonder.

Bought general admission tickets and went aboard the mighty Battleship Missouri.  There are now tours below decks, either by docent, AcoustiGuided or actual guided tours that are on the costly side.  All the open deck areas as well as the superstructure of the mighty battleship are available for self-guided tours.  Kathy had been aboard the ship before and found that the main fire control (located 4 decks above the main deck) was open and one could enter and look around - but had to wear a heavy WWII vintage helmet to protect the head from the low clearance doorway.  The walls were nearly foot thick steel. The periscope that was used to locate targets for the 16-inch guns to fire was there for a look-see.

It's amazing what you can see from inside fire control. Annette watched an admiral get up off of his chair in the rear of his home on Ford Island and come outside and sit on his deck.  Ooohhh how she wished those guns still turned!  One good thing, the ship will remain intact, no holes will be cut into the hull to facilitate tourist movement.  At this time all above decks are open with the exception of the radar mast, which will most likely be assessable soon.

view of the Arizona Memorial taken from the deck of the USS Missouri

With still some day left after touring the Missouri, we went to the National Cemetery of the Pacific at Punch Bowl. Two years ago Kathy was on a tour that was not allowed to stop in the cemetery. Tour busses are no longer allowed in the cemetery due to vandalism of the Chinese Elms along the main road.  With no gobs of tourists wandering about added greatly to the serenity of the cemetery.

This time with the car, we were able to spend time there. Impressive place - peaceful - saw the statue that is at the 'headstone' of the grounds that is also pictured in the opening credits of Hawaii Five-O.  Maps of the major battles of WWII's Pacific Theater were spread  in mosaic tile along each side of the monument.  On each side of the steps leading up to the statue were names of those lost during the war at the pictured battle sites.  The two famous "residents" Ernie Pyle, the WW2 journalist, and Ellison Onazuka from STS51 are buried beside the main road. Contrary to Bones Of Contention- the cemetery is well indexed and the directory is accessible by computer in the small office building which bears absolutely no resemblance to the set from that episode.  There is an overlook that gives an incredible view of Honolulu, from Diamond Head to Pearl Harbor and beyond to the horizon.  This is where the "Let there be light" conversation between McGarrett and the turncoat Miller from Cocoon was filmed.  Boy has the horizon changed in thirty years!  There is a section of "Unknowns from 7 December 1941" which Annette had seen on a prior trip.

From there we drove up Tantalus Mountain.  This mountain was the subject of a Hawaii Five-O episode where a man was going to race the clock to its summit.  Racing on this road would be foolish as was evidenced by the bicyclist we saw that had taken a header into the mountain wall.  The guy was fine except for a fractured shoulder; the bike was a total loss.  Sorry Steve but it was his RIGHT arm.  The road bore little resemblance to the one from the show but it was a pretty drive.  The view of Honolulu from up there is great and the air smells of eucalyptus.

About this time the sun started to go down and we had to return the car.  After dropping it off we had the van driver drop us off at a restaurant in Waikiki called "The Top of Waikiki".  The restaurant makes one complete rotation every hour.  We had great views of Honolulu and Waikiki during dinner. The food was excellent though we consumed three baskets of breadsticks while waiting for it.  A salad that was delightfully free of 'weeds' which bear absolutely no likeness to lettuce.  For dinner Annette had mahi-mahi with a mango/pineapple sauce and Kathy had a steak.  Dessert was to die for. (Note: no T here on purpose.) It was cheesecake with raspberry sauce drizzled onto a thick custard that lined the plate and topped with a huge strawberry.


Today was the venture downtown.  Used a coupon for the Waikiki Trolley ($9 each to ride all day, getting off and on whenever and wherever).  First stop was Kapiolani Park's War Memorial.  A beautiful park but saw no dead hitmen underneath the trees.  This memorial is for both British and American WW1 soldiers. Two years ago the bleachers were being restored.  Although the outer wall and bleachers had been restored the concrete around the pool was badly falling apart.  This place had been used as a location for both the Hawaii Five-O and Magnum P.I. shows.  Took several pictures of the place before taking time to search the beach for shells and enjoy the sunshine.  The trolley stop is just outside the entrance to the Aquarium, wonder if there are any dead fishies floating in the Cloth of Gold tank. J  Parked across the street was a van marked Honolulu Variety Club Senior Van, the logo looked remarkably like the little guy with the tophat from the Monopoly game.  Annette nearly choked with laughter, sadly the photo she took of it didn't come out very well.

Back on the trolley we went downtown to see the Capital and the Iolani Palace.  First on the agenda was the tour of the Palace, once was the home of Steve McGarrett's office.  Bought the tour that covered the palace grounds as well as the palace itself.  The docent pointed out a kukui nut tree that was planted in 1934 by then President Franklin D. Roosevelt, it had grown into a beautiful tree and it was that docent's favorite.  The Palace was awesome as usual, now the basement is open to the public. This is where the kitchen is and the king's secretary's office.  Also was a gallery showcasing the crown jewels and jewelry worn by the queen, medals given the king on his world travels and ones the king would give. 

There will be additions to the collection as 'ownership' of the artifacts is agreed upon between the Palace and Bishop Museum.  At no time during the entire tour was any reference made to Five-0.  We asked why not and were told that since it didn't pertain to the royal family, it was not important.  The fact that it was related to the building's history was inconsequential.  They will however, now sell those lovely little booties as souvenirs. (A real bargain at $9.99 each. NOT!)

As the docent began the tour she stood at the base of the stairs and told us to imagine a scene.  She saw a royal ball.  Annette saw the shooting scene from Yesterday Has Died And Tomorrow Won't Be Born

It is possible to take the steps two at a time, though a risky venture in slick booties.  Annette yet saw another scene, one involving her trying to explain to an orthopod that she was doing a McGarrett on the steps and slid on her okole.  Best to WALK up them. Some folks just don't understand………;)

Next was the Capitol.  The blue tiles that Steve McGarrett walked across on his way visit the Governor were roped off due to the onset of deterioration and cracks.  Went to the second floor to get a good angle for a picture of the artwork.  Annette wanted to go the Governors office to get a picture of the letters saying 'Office of the Governor' seen in Rest In Peace Somebody.  While she was gone Kathy rested on one of the many benches that were located around that floors balcony.  When she came back after about 20 minutes she announced that she had her picture taken in the mans chair, chatted with the secretary and brought back a Millennium CD as a souvenir.  

There was a huge open forum on the 'right to die' issue being held that day.  Anyone could just walk in and speak their mind, later on TV we saw the results.

With this being a government building, it seemed odd that it was wide open, no guards, no metal detectors, no nothing. Considering the misadventures of Pearl Harbor the day before, it was wonderful.  There is, by the way, no Room 113.  Recall the scene where McGarrett sticks the mystery key in the lock and opens the door and we see those brass letters looming.  The letters are real and only about three inches tall. They are bolted on a concrete wall approximately thirty feet away and outside of the doors. The lock is legit though appears to have been installed much more recently than 1968.  No one seemed to know what had happened to the scale model of the Capitol, which appeared in the pilot episode.

111 N King Street Honolulu

From there we walked over to the Judiciary Building and Kamahamaha's statue.  Then on to Chinatown . It was about a 4-block walk from the Palace to Wo Fats on the corner of Hotel Street and Maunakea Street.  It was there Annette spotted doors to an office building that were used as a location for a scene for Five-O. (answer to trivia question: The building was the Far East Trade Association from Termination With Extreme Prejudice) The circular arch had intrigued Annette for years and was shocked to see that it actually existed.  Kathy wanted to find a certain antique shop that she had bought some memorabilia from over the Internet, wanted to browse for anything to add to her collection.  After finding antique shop row, the first shop entered turned our to be the one that was sought. Bought a poster there from the 1999 reunion then walked on to the Aloha Tower in search of a dinner cruise.  The second one we came upon we took.  Dinner was a buffet and the entertainment was great. Cruised out almost to Koko Head and turned around. On this leg of the trip the sun went down.  Kathy missed the green flash again but Annette saw it.


Before we left the hotel on today's excursion we inquired if Moe Keale was performing that night at the Sheraton, the gal at the information desk called the hotel and informed us that he was off that week.  Darn.  

Back to the Waikiki Trolley for the Oceanfront tour.  Got off at the Kahala Mall, a place that Jack Lord frequented in his later years.  Our destination today was the beach at the condo where he lived.  We started off in a direction that Kathy thought would be the way to go, but after 7 blocks the map had to be checked, this way was going to take too long retracing the route the trolley took to get to the mall.  There had to be a shorter way there, Kathy thought. God thing she had a street map with her. We had to backtrack several blocks to get to the street that looked to be a shorter route.  With the knowledge that Jack Lord walked to the Kahala Mall, we determined that he didn't take this route, it was too far this way.  Once at the beach feet got wet in the water in-between the rocks and looked for any shells we could find.  We were there for a couple hours and during this time a small dozer was bringing sand in to restore the beach.  When we left we had some shells and some gravelly sand from that beach and some seawater.  We tossed a lei into the water from the rocks and rejoiced as, despite a lateral drift it slowly floated back towards the shore.  A sign that we would return again

The included photo is of the ocean behind the condo where Jack Lord's ashes were spread.  We were out on the edge of the rocks when an older woman appeared on a third floor balcony of one of the buildings.  Could it be, the illusive Marie?  A quick check through the telephoto lens proved it to be just another woman watching the bulldozer.  We waved and she waved back then went back inside.

sunset behind the Lords condo

We took a different route back to the mall, this one was considerably shorter and more likely the one Jack Lord took on his walks. 

Stopped for some ice cream in the mall while waiting for the next trolley.  Got to chatting with an older lady that, during our conversation, said she witnessed the attack on Pearl Harbor. Back on the trolley the next stop was blowhole and 'Here to Eternity Beach'.  The ocean was very cooperative and blowhole did more than just blow mist.  Kathy got some great video shots of it and Koko Crater for her video.  Annette spotted a couple of HPD squad cars and wanted a picture with them.  We stood by one of the cars while a female officer took the pictures.

Next stop and end of the line was Sea Life Park, this was basically a potty break.  Just up the road was the Makai Research Pier, location of several scenes from Hawaii Five-O and Magnum P.I.  The trolley headed back to Waikiki, we wanted to get off at Diamond Head Road so Kathy could reshoot some video of the ocean, but the trolley route was behind the crater.  Wound up back in Waikiki where we caught the bus and returned to Diamond Head Road.  We got off at the Hawaii Film Studio.

Hawaii Five-0 soundstage

Annette went over and talked to the guard at the gate while Kathy waited on the sidewalk.  After 10 minutes or so she walked over and joined the conversation.  He was a nice man who was a former cop who would shake his head while he watched Five-O at the logic used in the series, 'its not like that' he said.  When asked about the stage used for Five-O he directed us to the side of the lot and said to look for a brown building and said that it was not used as a sound stage any longer, it is used for constructing sets.  With that information we walked around to the Diamond Head Road side of the studio and found the brown building which turned out to be a pair of conjoined boxcars (you can still see the word Seatrain on the side) Jack Lord in a boxcar, no way! Looking at the structure we realized something was wrong. It didn’t look big enough and was not square like a sound stage should be.  Several minutes later after looking at it longer we saw the sound stage.  It was not the brown building, but just behind it.  Easy to miss due to a production truck trailer parked in front of it.  But the sign "Five-O Stage' was clearly seen by the big doors.  The guard had told us that Bruce Willis was beginning a new WW2 movie on Monday, therefore, we could not be let in to see the Five-0 stage. I t is a tan white Morton Building.  Though we could see that the air conditioning unit (which Lord had custom made for the set since the standard ones were so loud that they had to be shut down during filming) looked a bit different than a regular commercial unit.  The other buildings around it are of a similar color therefore unless you knew what you were looking for it could be easily missed.  By telling us to look for the brown building he was in fact pointing us to the correct building but without officially "telling" us its actual location.

With the sun was on its way down Kathy wanted to get to the other side of Diamond Head Road to get her video shot.  It was a long walk to the coast side, and by the time we got to the overlook at Diamond Head Beach, the sun was down and the sadly the video camera battery was dead.  It had been a long day and this wasn't needed.  Annette saw a police officer parked at the end of the parking lot.  Not knowing the bus schedule for this route or where the nearest one was, she went over to ask where the nearest one was.  She came back with bad news, the nearest one was 2 1/2 miles in either direction and he politely informed her of how far we had walked that day.  Information that was not welcomed by Kathy, but had to laugh, that was it, she was done walking for the day, it was dark and didn't want to walk anymore. There was a phone booth there at the parking lot so Kathy called the operator and requested a taxi.  This call didn’t even cost anything either.

Asked the taxi driver let us off at Dukes Canoe Club, both of us were ready for some food since we hadn't eaten since breakfast. The driver had told us that Jimmy Buffett was performing at Dukes that night and we might be able to catch some of his show.  This made Annette very happy, but when we arrived we found that he had finished his show a little earlier.  While Annette when looking for him Kathy found a table and ordered a drink and dinner.  A rent-a-cop pointed out Buffett's red ball cap to Annette and stated "he's up there". The line to get inside the bar was interminable and there was no way to bypass or duck under and the red target was on the move!  Annette snatched two napkins off a table, leaving some very surprised patrons in her wake, and ran for the beach planning on an attack from the rear.  She was within range when a herd of springbreakers cut her off!!  By the time the unruly teenagers had passed, he was gone!  If there had of been a freezer nearby she would have shot six holes in it!


Today's plan was to go for a glider ride from Dillingham Airfield on the Northshore.

When we found out there was no hotel pick up - it was back to the car rental desk.  Kathy drove this time.  First stop was Diamond Head Road so she could get the video shot she missed earlier.  From there, it was off to the north shore through unmarked pineapple fields

It took just over an hour to make the drive to the north shore and arrived slightly past 1 PM.  Our flight was supposed to be at 1300 but Hawaiian Time is also a general aviation reality.  The weather was just great for flying. Due to the economy, they were offering their $100 flights for only $37.  Kathy paid for a hands-on flight.  The first lift off was aborted because the pilot had left a shoulder strap outside the cockpit, so he had to land and once the strap was secured inside we were towed into the air again. The view of the north shore from 2,500 feet was incredible.  Didn't see any whales but saw the valley where the Japanese entered the island on their way to Pearl Harbor.  Will have to take the open cockpit Stearman flight to retrace that flight path next time.

Kathy's pilot obviously did not pre-flight his glider, an easy thing to do considering the rapid turn around time between the flights but still a dangerous habit.  Annette's glider was given a thorough check.  Soaring is an awesome experience that really cannot be described.  Although the sun was bright, the glider was not hot.  We were towed on a 200 foot nylon rope behind a Cessna and released (the locking mechanism is nothing more than an overgrown dog leash) at 2,500 feet.  Having no engine, we were totally dependent upon thermals to keep us aloft.  Kathy's glider went south, but due to a change in wind direction Annette's went north and much to her delight, there were Humpback Whales on the North ride.  The pilots were still talking about the baby whale born the day before.  Hidden in the mountain is a group of missile silos, which are clearly visible on the northern flight.

Landing in a glider is much more abrupt than that of a light aircraft, more of a controlled crash actually.  We had wanted to take the December 7th route (which the Stearman ride offered) however the security measures at Pearl convinced us that was probably no longer available.  The glider pilot informed me that the only restriction would have been that Ford Island could not be overflown.  With care Battleship Row could still be seen from the air. "Note for future reference.

On the drive back to Honolulu we entertained thoughts of going to the Byodo-In temple. But the time was 4 PM and thought that the place may be closed by the time we’d get there, so opted not to go.  Returned the car and went to the hotel, popped the champagne that Annette had won on her flight, sat on the lanai and enjoyed the evening before going to dinner.  While we were on the lanai we heard what sounded like fireworks, and saw the reflection on a neighboring hi-rise and wondered what was being celebrated. 

Across the alley was a two-story apartment or office building and a single house which was being used by a limo company.  We commented several times how out of place the buildings looked amongst their much taller neighbors.  Neither of us, unfortunately, had the presence of mind to take a picture of them.  At home it would be discovered that the apartment building was used in A Thousand Pardons, You're Dead.

  If anyone is going over, the building is on the makai side of the Waikiki Surf Hotel, please take a pic of it.

Tonight's dinner was at the top of the Ilikai where a 3 star Italian restaurant called Sorrento's resides.  During the Five-0 days it was called Top Of The I and this was where Jack Lord took the CBS executives for meals.  The only way to get to the restaurant is by the glass outside express elevator seen in Bomb Bomb, Who's Got The Bomb. T he roof panels do come off.

Our seat afforded an awesome view of the night skyline.  Upon reflection, we think we may have been at the same table the CBS folks used.  It was in a private alcove like area and the restaurant had no banquet rooms available.  Well, one can dream.  Food was great and the drinks were better.  After dinner we lingered around the hotel and looked around.  The lobby was incredible, open to the outside and lots of marble, and the hotel doesn't look its age.  Just off of the main lobby were the elevators seen in FOB Honolulu which haven't changed. Outside we sat on the dock and watched the boats.  In the last slip we saw a fabulous 106-foot white pearl cigarette boat.  It had more radar pods on it than an aircraft carrier!  There was one guy at home in the upper cabin watching television.  Parked next to it was a Rolls Royce limo.  A web site was found later for a yacht company that had a similar boat for sale, the asking price was a measly $3.5 million, used.

In the courtyard there is a monkey pod tree which was dedicated to the developer who built the Ilikai. It is called The Chinn Ho Tree.  Now we know where Kam Fong got his character's name.

On the way back from the hotel we stopped at an ice cream shop, yum yum, where Kathy had a sundae with white chocolate ice cream with root beer flavoring with whipped cream and a cherry.  While sitting outside consuming the diet buster a Japanese family approached and the man sat down next Kathy. He showed her a map of Waikiki - guess he wanted directions, unfortunately the map was in Japanese, Chinese at first thought.  She hesitated because of the potential language barrier.  She said 'English only.'  The man said 'no English.' she apologized to them and said “I'm sorry no Japanese” and bowed to them.  They both seemed to understand, returned the bow and went on their way.


This morning we encountered a parade on our way to breakfast.  Apparently it was Prince Kuhio's birthday, and a State holiday.  As parades go, this was a quiet one - only saw and heard 2 bands.  But we did get to see what Governor Cayetano looked

like and one of the motorcycle cops had an uncanny resemblance to Eric Estrada.  Almost every antique convertible on the island was hauling representatives from one civic group or another from all over the island.  There were only a few floats (barely decorated flat trailers pulled by a pickup) and there were no horses in this parade.  What we found the most odd was with the military presence on the Island not one unit showed up.  After breakfast, the $2.99 special we found in the coupon book, which was quite stuffing, we made another sweep through the International Marketplace to do some serious shopping.  Had reservations for a rain forest nature hike in the afternoon, and the van was to pick us up between 2 and 2:15.  After shopping Annette soaked in the hotel's Jacuzzi and Kathy put her feet in the hot water to soothe the poor achy puppies.  At 2:45 the van showed up and we were squeezed in for the "short" ride.  We drove past a large Japanese cemetery across from Queen Emma's Summer Palace.  Something to explore on the next trip.

The hike began at the Ko'olau Country Club.  We went up the trail for an hour, saw native floral and fauna and some native and non-native birds.  The tour guide was quite informative and told us about the old beliefs of the island all during the walk.  On the way up we walked on the first Old Pail road that was used by the farmers with their horse-drawn carts on the windward side of the island taking their goods to market in Honolulu.  The end of the ascent was at a 50-foot natural spring waterfall.  On the way back down we stopped at the newer old Pali road, which was built in the late 1800's.  Lots of overgrowth made the place look like something out of time.  Next trip we need to take another nature hike that this company offers.  This waterfall was the alternative to Manoa Falls, which was closed at the time due to a massive rockslide. 

Returned to the hotel by 6:30 PM and went for drinks at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.  Enjoyed the live music and the night air at the beachfront restaurant.  The drink we had was called a Tropical Itch; the drink came with a back scratcher in it.  With two kinds of rum in this drink and Kathy not being much of a drinker, weaved her way out of the restaurant and we proceeded to Nicks Fishmarket for dinner.  The opakapaka was to die for and another salad, which contained no unidentifiable plant life.  Nicks prefers that you make reservations but they do understand the importance of two semi-smashed women who wave coupons.  Dessert looked less than exciting so we opted for white chocolate macadamia nut ice cream with gummi-bears on top from the ice cream shop.


Today was departure day.  Kathy had a 2pm flight and had to leave for the airport at 11 am.  Annette's flight was later in the afternoon.  After seeing Kathy off on the bus for the airport and waving goodbye, Annette walked down to the DFS Galleria and waited to be picked up for her afternoon Atlantis Submarine ride.  The Japanese guests were already lining up waiting for the store to open, each one had a barcode tag which they gave to the woman at the door which identified them as duty-free shoppers.  And shop they do!  Aside from nuts and chocolate for friend’s back home, |Annette confined her shopping to t-shirts and a stuffed kung-fu gerbil; these folks were hauling stuff out by the shopping cartloads.  It’s a wonder we don’t hear of more JAL jets crashing from being overweight.

Planet Hollywood is just across the street from Galleria so she stopped in for a drink, just what was needed.  The handout listed Steve McGarrett's jacket as being on display, which she just HAD to have-er uh, I mean see.  She scoured the entire building with no luck, then found the manager and inquired as to the location. He said "its around here someplace" but still could not come up with it.  That jacket does not exist and their ads are fraudulent.  The only thing even remotely Jack Lord related was a machine gun from Dr. No, which hangs over the entrance to the restrooms. She offered to give him duplicate stills if he would hang them but he replied that all decorating came from the corporate headquarters.  She wrote the CEO of Planet Hollywood twice about that and has not heard a thing back from them.  On display there however are the uniforms from “An Officer And A Gentleman” and Iceman's helmet from “Top Gun.”

The submarine tour was awesome, diving to 100+ feet and beyond the coral reef. And Atlantis contributes heavily towards conservation of the coral reefs.  An old jet and a WW2 era supply ship were sunk to create an artificial reef for the coral to grow on.  Aside from a plethora of fishes, an eel named Freddie and two green sea turtles the wrecks are home.  Be advised that even with 1000ASA film, any photos that you take from inside the sub WILL turn out blue.

The Atlantis sub base is located behind Fort DeRussey where church services are held on the beach every Sunday morning.

After the sub tour was the free tour of Maui Divers to watch them make black coral jewelry.  The film was interesting as was the free happycake and champagne.  The tour ends in the sales room (oh how convenient).  The exit was quickly located and escape made to one of the trolleys.  The trolley driver was assigned to the Yellow Line shopping route, which afforded him little opportunity to point out the sites.  He also was one of the few locals who would talk about the show, what a pity that we had not met him sooner.  He was nice enough to stop in front of the Ilikai long enough for a daylight photo of the penthouse and made a couple of 'accidental' misturns in order to point something out.

Annette's flight was to leave at 2200 but she was expected to be there at 1900.  With some Chinese take-out from The House Of Hong she was ready for the long wait.  It was most interesting to watch my supper being scanned for spurious fortune cookies.  Again with the shoes! Wonder what they would think if someone showed up barefoot. 

 United is cracking down on the amount of carry on items, only one bag and a purse.  They however gave no time for rearranging, just snatched her bag and stated it "would" go underneath.  In that bag was the pants I had planned on putting on prior to landing in Chicago.  When she arrived at O'Hare it was 28 degrees and snowing! So much for the spring thaw.

In closing would like to say that the trip was everything that was expected it would be with the exception of the security measures at Pearl Harbor, which in our opinion was on the side of being excessively paranoid.

It was windy the first couple days but calmed down for the rest of the week resulting in absolutely wonderful days in paradise. This trip was proposed last July by Mike Timothy when he, Kathy, and Annette had dinner together during Kathy's visit to Chicago to attend a modelers convention.  But due to Mike's job obligations he was sadly unable to make the trip.  His presence was missed, so we had a drink for him and wished he was there too.  Although both of us had been to the islands before, there is still plenty to see and do which means there will be another return engagement to the islands of Aloha.  


small blue flowers 

Hawaii Five-0
Up Close and Personal!
by Darren Fong

My name is Darren Fong and I'm originally from Hawaii. I am in the Army and been around and back. I've really enjoyed watching Hawaii Five-0 mostly while I was away from Hawaii. I guess, like they say, you can really appreciate something when it's away or gone. I've been away from Hawaii for about 15 years and watching Hawaii Five-0 on TV takes me back home at least for a few minutes. I think Hawaii Five-0 was one of the best shows that came out of Hawaii because they used a lot of real live local people which made the show seem really authentic (in my opinion!)

I had the opportunity to meet Jack Lord in person in 1986. Unfortunately at the time I wasn't collecting Hawaii Five-0 memorabilia but I shook his hand. I started collecting Five-0 items about 4 years ago. So far, I have photos and autographs from Jack Lord, James MacArthur, Kam Fong and Zulu. I have only a photo of Wo Fat! Of course, I got the Hawaii Five-0 long play record and some odds and ends like books, etc.

I am living in Maryland now and I had the chance to meet "Dan Williams". I went to the May 2002 annual collectors show at the Montgomery County Fair in Maryland where I met him. I made the shaka sign and he recognized that I was from Hawaii. I brought with me my Hawaii Five-0 memorabilia for him to look at. He smiled while looking at the different photos. I told him that I felt the show connected the outside world to Hawaii and he agreed. He talked about how he enjoyed working with the local people from Hawaii. We talked a little about all the different places that were town down and replaced. We talked a little about the old Hawaii of the 50's and he remembers how the aloha spirit was alive and well back then. I brought my own camera and we took a photo of us together. Of course I had to buy an 8x10 of him and I got him to sign it! Since I was from Hawaii he gave me a 50% discount!

James MacArthur looked older of course with all white hair and he has gained weight, but you could recognize his face a mile away. He seemed like a really nice guy!

small blue flowers

Kam Fong

Kam Fong recently celebrated his 84th birthday. His son Dennis has sent along a new address if anyone wishes to drop Kam a card or note. The address is:

Kam Fong
c/o 2120 Waiola St, Suite 203
Honolulu, HI 96826

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Jack Lord Memorial

The committee working on the Jack Lord Memorial would like to thank everyone who purchased calendars to help with the funding for the project.  Now within $1200 of their goal, the project has gotten underway.  Artist and sculptor Sean Brown has been given the go-ahead to begin the new sculpture (a diagram is at the Memorial website posted below) and he and Doug Mossman have been in constant touch with the Kahala Mall as to where the memorial should be placed.  Currently there are two choice spots for the memorial but both are prominent places and the memorial will be easily accessible to all Jack's fans.  The committee is hoping to have the project finished next spring and will announce the plans for the unveiling as soon as they can.

Anyone wishing to make a donation directly to the Memorial Fund may do so by sending a check or money order to: The Jack Lord Memorial Fund, 95-1503 Ainamauka Drive No. 78, Honolulu, HI, 96789 where vice chairman Doug Mossman will see they are properly recorded. Please include your name, address and telephone number with the donation.    

For more information on the memorial, check out the website at www.jacklord.co.uk

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And now a word from our sponsors:

Anyone interested in copies of Hawaii Five-0 episodes (mostly all full versions) can contact Barbara Brindle at 105 Warren Road, Sparta, NJ 07871.  (phone 973-729-9232 - she does not have email)  Barbara's rates are very reasonable and she's very reliable. 

You may also find works by Jack Lord and James MacArthur and lots of other actors by contacting Ron Evans at http:www.networksplus.net/caseyguy/epPartners.htm or email requests at caseyguy@networksplus.net.  They have over 15,000 episodes of 50s and 60s TV.  At e/p Partners, it's the 50s and 60s forever!!!


The Hawaii Five-0 Newsletter is available in print form. Membership is $10 per year for four issues (foreign subscriptions are $14.00 US funds). Checks for membership may be made out to the H50 Fan Club Newsletter, c/o 142 Castle Street, #3, Great Barrington, MA 01230. The newsletter will be available on the 15th of January, April, July and October yearly. Contributions to the newsletter are always welcome. They can be sent to the H50 Fan Club, c/o 682 Durham Road, Adams, TN 37010 or to our email address at Jlord5@aol.com.    Deadlines are one month before each issue. The newsletter will also be available through the Internet and can be accessed at the Hawaii Five-0 Fan club (www.hawaiifive0.org) or The Jack Lord Homepage (www.jacklord.net)


We are looking for the following Jack Lord episodes on VHS: Dr. Kildare - A Willing Suspension of Disbelief and the movie The True Story of Lynn Stuart. Anyone who may have information about these programs can contact us at either the fan club or email address listed above.


Memorial contributions can be made to the Jack and Marie Lord Trust c/o Hawaii Community Foundation, 900 Front Street Mall, Suite 1300, Honolulu, HI 96813. This fund was established in 1988 and was set up by the Lord’s to benefit their favorite charities. We have been assured that while personal responses are not possible, Mrs. Lord is made aware of all contributions.


 See you in 

October, 2002

Be There, Aloha """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""






















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