Links to Five-0 and Hawaii related sites


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General Hawaii Five-0 Sites

Mike Quigley's Hawaii Five-0 Homepage- Mr. Mike (or was that mmmmmmmMR) The ultimate authority on things Five-0.

Karen Rhodes Hawaii Five-0 Fandom Page-Karen's page of literate Five-0 items.

Todd Whitteles' Five-0 Page-someone has been stalking the guys of Five-0. See what they found out.

Mark and Julie's Five-0 Page -The interactive database is back up and running again!!

Joe Roberts Five-0 Page  a varied collection of just about everything. Steve, someone else has been stalking.  

Jeff Fox's Hawaii Five-0 Trivia  currently listed as MIA

Die Duetsche Verbindung-a quarter of a century after Woe To Wo Fat Steve McGarrett and the guys are still a world phenomenon.



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(Primarily) Jack Lord Sites

Terri's Jack Lord Connection

Steffi in Germany has a great Jack Lord Site

The Jack Lord Photo Gallery-A collection of Jack Lord still photos, a complete filmography. Also a vast collection of Hawaii Five-0 treasures.

Kathy Meyer's Jack Lord Gallery -a large collection of still photos and the Five-0 music video.

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(Primarily) James MacArthur Sites


 James MacArthur Official Website
Official site of actor James MacArthur containing over 5000photographs, plus biography, video clips, sound files, interviews, detailed career highlights, email link, chat room, discussion group,
FAQ, interactive games, and current news and information.

The Official James MacArthur International Fan Club Website-

The original James MacArthur website. Established in 1998, this official, authorized website is a treasure trove of James MacArthur photographs, video clips, articles and information. Here you can send an email to James MacArthur, log in to the chatroom and chat with other fans, join the discussion list, subscribe to the James MacArthur Fan Club newsletter, post an opinion to the Bulletin Board or Guestbook, or just lose yourself amongst the vast collection of images, videos and information about the man who *was* Danno!  

**NOTE: This site was pulled down but for the time being we are leaving the link in case the owner 'comes to her senses' and starts sharing her collection again.


Betty's Book Me Danno Site

This is another fine effort. Betty has information, photos and her own fan fiction.


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Kam Fong Site

Take One On The Chin

- A cute little site with interesting info about the guy who put up the duty roster and kept the guys on keel. Chin has his own rock band!

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Herman Wedemeyer Site

The Herman Wedemeyer Page-

the Herman Wedemeyer Page is where you can go to
learn about all things Duke, from his 1940s football stardom to his
political career to his role as the silver-haired cop we all know and love.

Richard Denning Site

Brian's Drive-In-

A modest little collection of Denning photos and information. Our 'governor' did alot more than most fans are aware of.

Before there was Ricki...-There was Richard who played Lucy Ball's husband on the radio series


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Wo Fat's  Sub  Is Ninety Miles Off Oahu Again!

The Wit and Wisdom of Comrade Wo Fat-A page from a site of 1970's spies with quotes from our favorite Red Chinese nemesis.

Johnathan, we know who Wo-Fat is: A Khigh Dhiegh page.


Glenn Cannon


U of H Theater Department page




Other Actors Sites

Marj Dusay

Don Collier and the High Chaparral

Don Stroud

David Birney

Stephen Boyd

Lee Paul

Nancy Kwon


Other Television related sites


Hawaii Film Anything related to movie production in the islands can be found here.

Trail Dust -an all western site

The Internet Movie Database-search for information about any actor, actress, movie, TV show.

Old TV Series-a page of links to sites about many classic shows




Hawaii Related Sites

Webcams!!-this is our page with links to a variety of island webcams 

HPD Collectibles -Get your 'authentic' HPD wear here. They have a small Five-0 section as well.

Hawaiian Folk Stories-A collection of Hawaii themed stories, radio programs etc

Hawaii Visitor & Convention Center-Learn practical tourist information

Honolulu Police Department-HPD has an amazing, though way under advertised (I learned about it from the security guard at the Judiciary Building) museum which has a special Five-0 section.

Friends of the Iolani Palace-
The site of Five-0's offices. They strive for 'historical accuracy' yet steadfastly refuse to acknowledge our show. A must see.( hint: go early in the morning to get tickets. Plan this for Fridays when the Royal Hawaiian Band plays at noon in the coronation stand.)

The Aloha Tower-featured in the intro and starred in one episode the tower was once the main disembarking point for passenger ships before the jet age. Now is a shopping center. Here is where the dinner boats tie up.

The Maritime Museum -The Falls Of Clyde is tied up here as is a humpback whale skeleton.

Bishop Museum-
Vast collections of just about everything Hawaiian. Another must see for any trip to the islands. Hopefully they have fixed that 'security issue' with King Kam's cape.

The Ilikai Hotel-the penthouse of this hotel is where the famous McGarrett on the lanai intro was shot. (trivia: the lens for that shot cost $6000 in 1967). The building featured prominently in the show. Sorrentos as its known today was Top Of The I and was where the CBS executives dined. Ride the glass elevator (the roof panels do lift out btw).

The Royal Hawaiian- The Pink Lady of the Pacific! A must see. Have a drink in the bar.

Moana Surfrider- The Grande Dame! Hawaii the way it used to be.

The Naniloa. Located in Hilo this hotel used to be the Naniloa Surf and was featured in two episodes.

The Kahala Mandarin (now Oriental) - Was featured almost as prominently as the Ilikai though without the "Good Morning Kahala Mandarin" voiceover advertisement. Guest stars were housed here. The only hotel licensed to have captive dolphins. With some of the 'special deals' staying here is almost affordable.

Honolulu Star-Bulletin-
One of the two Honolulu  newspapers.Five-0 related topics seem to pop up here quite regularly.Dave Donnelly and Eddie Sherman both appeared in  episodes. 

Honolulu Advertiser-This is the other newspaper. While not referred to onscreen as often their offices were featured in an episode.

City and County of Honolulu-
Links to just about everything on Oahu.

Oahu Visitor's Center-
Links to dozens of tourist information. From airlines to shopping for kukui nuts this site has it all.

Find events and book tickets-This is a link to the Honolulu page of CitySearch. From here you can book theater tickets, find upcoming events, directions, restaurants etc...

Hawaii Theater-Website of the historical theater downtown. There is an events schedule, seating map plus you can buy your tickets direct. Check out the plaque in the lobby ;-)

University of Hawaii-
the main page for all of the branches. From 'over achieving' students to biochemical warfare this place was referred to regularly.

Hilo Hattie-
The most famous place for aloha shirts. Sorry, no long sleeved ones but they do sell plantation hats ;). Hattie appeared in two episodes and was a friend of the Lords.

The Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center- On Kalakaua Ave in the middle of Waikiki this place has upscale shops and those for the rest of us ;). They have regular Hawaiian heritage classes (quilt making, hula and ukelele lessons). Can learn Lomilomi Massage here-lets hear it for lab work!

Mauna Loa Macadamia Nuts-
Where those lovely 'tourist portable packs' of decadent chocolate covered nuts originates. For a change of pace the Maui onion/garlic coated ones are awesome.

Kahala Mall-a world class shopping center. Home of the Jack Lord Memorial statue. Look for it near the Macy's entrance

The omnipresent ABC stores-You can literally find one of these on every street corner in Waikiki. Only place I know where you can get 5 T-shirts for $20. For everything el$e I $ugge$t a money-$aving trip to K-mart.

 The Waikiki Trolley-A cheap and reliable way to get around the city. The red line can be a bit overcrowded and frequently English is NOT the first language used for narration. You can buy discounted tickets online.

TheBus-An original name, no. Back in the early 1970's a contest was held to name Honolulu's public transportation system. A kid wrote in and said 'why not just call it the bus?' He won! And its been called that ever since. There also is a companion called TheCab. You can print out route schedules online or buy a TheBus Guide in any ABC store. If you plan this as your source of transportation and stay longer than a week it is cheaper to buy a monthly pass.

Roberts Hawaii-They run several tours, including Stars And Stripes, in addition to the airport shuttle.

Hawaii Volcano Observatory-See  Kilauea erupting! The US Geological Service's Hawaii website.

The Parker Ranch-A working cattle ranch on the Big Island. Do they really hang their own?

Kualoa Ranch -A working cattle ranch in the Ka'a'awa Valley (half way between Kaneohe and Laie on the Kam Highway). This is a tourist facility with horseback and ATV rides. Several Five-0 episodes were set here along with some movies.

The Waikiki Aquarium-Smaller than the Shedd, it is nevertheless a world class exhibit. A great way to see what's underneath the Pacific. These sharks are behind glass.

Aloha Stadium-The site for the NFL Pro Bowl and U of H football. Check out the seating map before you buy your ticket! Also the location of the Swap Meet every Wednesday and Saturday. The best place to buy your souvenirs. K-Mart is across the street.

Honolulu Zoo-Alot more than just bears and bunnies. Sadly, you can't throw marshmallows to the bears but its still a good place to meet your informants.

Sealife Park-At Makapu'u point. Enjoy a show far better than the one in Florida. For a 'modest' fee you can swim with the dolphins. They don't have boxed popcorn any longer.

The USS Arizona Memorial-I seriously considered not renewing this link. Their new 'bag restrictions' caused me to loose a $300 lens. At times they close the harbor for basically no reason and if you are in line its just TS. They regularly play the classic government blame game. The Navy says its the Park Service's fault and the Park Service says "take it up with the Navy." Assuming that you are allowed on the memorial the time allotted is less than five minutes before being herded off like cattle. And if all of that is not bad enough they scream at you for feeding the birds. If not for the fact that it is an important Hawaii site and featured in Five-0 this link would not be here. If you do decide to go-be advised.

Oahu Nature Tours-Experience the flora and fauna of Oahu up close and personal. All of their guides have a natural sciences degree. There are several hikes to choose from and all can be completed by a reasonably fit person. Water and walking sticks included. Tours # 1,2,4,6,8&9 contain Five-0 filming sites. A must do adventure. I can't say enough nice things about this group.

See the Governor's Office-A very friendly office. In fact the entire Capitol building is wide open. Come and go as you wish, no one will give you a second glance. Well worth a look-see. For the trivia freaks: there is no Room 113.

The ultimate glider rides-Based out of Dillingham Field on the North Shore. This is an experience not to be missed. Soaring 2500 feet above the pacific, sun on your face, water beneath your wings and no engine noise. Serenity does not get any better than this! For $20 more they will tow you to 4000 feet. The Stearman adventures are here as well.

Atlantis Submarines-Explore the briny deep without worrying about sharks. Dive 100+ feet below the surfers off Waikiki Beach. Fair warning: even with 1800ASA film your photos will be severely blue. Any good photo program can remove this. For what its worth; my best luck has been with 800ASA good speed and no noticeable graininess. 

Honolulu Academy of Arts- A collection of both Hawaiian and modern art. Kind of out of the way but a very nice museum.

Waikiki Improvement Association-The group which puts on the movies at Queen's Beach. The latest plans for remodeling Waikiki are here. Not much to see unless you are into quasi-governmental groups. However; the Schedule Of Upcoming Events is worth checking out if you are planning a trip.

Waikiki Historical Trail- Starting at the Duke Statue and up as far as the Ala Wai historical spots are marked with  surfboard shaped signs. Take the virtual tour or print out the map for when you go.

Chinatown-The website for Honolulu's historic Chinatown. See the lei stands, WoFat's and get your daily fortune cookie.



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