Memos From The Man


Season 7 will arrive on November 6, 2009. Over half way finished now



Season 6 will be out on April 21, 2009. Woo Hoo! We are half way through and sales are still going strong.


The 2009 calendars will be ready for mailing by Thanksgiving.  Once again, we have two to choose from.  Hawaii Five-0, the eighth season has screen captures from 12 different episodes from that season.  The Jack Lord calendar has pictures of Jack from magazines, photos and screen captures.  The cost for each calendar is $11.00 (postage is included).  The cost for non-US residents is $15.00 each in US funds and includes postage.  Payment can be made through Paypal ( or by sending a check or money order to Debbie Fitzgerald, 682 Durham Road, Adams, TN 37010.  As in the past, all proceeds will be sent to charity.




November 18th is the anticipated release date for Season 5. Aloha to the Ben years!  Releases seem to be coming quite regularly. Perhaps we will make it to Season 12 after all.



Season 4 will be out in June. So long to Kono



Season 3 is now expected out in January. Too bad it misses the Christmas rush. Kono's last days by Easter and welcome Ben for the Fourth?


 Season 2 is now out in the stores sans the ultra-rare only aired once episode Bored, She Hung Herself!

What was on the minds of the Paramount execs?! 

money? fear of lawsuits? just didn't like the episode? an extra disk would make the box unbalanced?

Perhaps we should write to them and enquire.

Trying to find a viable email address for Viacom/Paramount from their site is next door to impossible but your webmistress (I love that term) has been on the trail. Their security setup was probably done by McGarrett <wink wink>. Well, we know what happened to Five-0 security setups in The Clock Struck 12 do we not. Heh Heh. McGarrettites shall not be deterred!

Here is the contact list for Paramount Licensing. I'm not sure if this would be the correct place to write but I'm certain that if we blitz them somebody will come across with the name of the person we want ;)

So get a cup of your favorite coffee, take off your jacket and tie, adjust your shoulder holster,  kick open your lanai doors do a walk around your pc then perch on the corner of the desk and send off an interrogation to one or all six of these.




Its getting quite busy here at the Governor's office.

Eddie Sherman's new book  Frank,Sammy,Marlon and Me  is now available from There is a chapter on Five-0.  Tagahashi-san and Yamamoto-san were more than just two fish up institute way. Those carp really did cost and McGarrett almost lost the big office Danno. Details inside. ;)


 The Jack Lord auction will begin  March 14th. Check out the website. for highlights and link to the items.

*8/8 And It's STILL going on! Gotta wonder how long this can possibly last

*10/15 According to their website the auction will be ending mid November. 8 nonstop months-Amazing!!

*11/14 They say this is the last week. 9 nonstop months-somebody's gotta be exhausted!



Finally! Our show is out on DVD!!   Copies can be purchased online at or the  Barnes & Noble website .  March 6th it will hit the stores

Note: The tentative release date for Season 2 in July 31. Can we all say "Season 3 for Christmas".

WHEW! Sold out a matter of days! We KNEW Steve and company would do good but no one wanted to listen

Note to CBS/Paramount execs: We don't like to gloat but..... told ya so!!. Does anyone out there have a recipe for Kalua Crow :-)


We are sad to report that Marie Lord has passed away October 13th in their condo. Below are the links to the obituaries. Like her husband there will be no public funeral. Please share your thoughts, memories , prayers etc by clicking on the memorial page link below. Mahalo



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