Volume 2                                     October,   2000                                           Issue 8


TV Guides 25 Greatest Detectives

(From Donna Walling - this is in reference to the article that appeared in TV Guide)

Back in July, TV Guide ran an article - 25 Greatest Detectives.  Well if you all remember, James Garner's Rockford Files came in #1 and our own infamous, Hawaii Five-0 with Jack Lord came in #9.  Of course, I know I'm prejudiced, however, I can't for the life of me figure out WHY Rockford came before Hawaii Five-0!

I contacted TV Guide by email back in July, but have not received a reply.  Like WGN, who doesn't appreciate their viewers concerns, TV Guide doesn't appreciate their customers concerns either.  So this is what I decided to do: play Steve McGarrett for a while and investigate into this matter myself.

Now we all know, by reading the different articles on all the different websites, that OUR MAN, Jack Lord, was a striking, strapping 6'2", solid 180-185 lb., man with steely eyes of blue, dark brown hair, a dimpled chin and a smile that could melt me down in a flash!  Steve McGarrett let his troops thought 12 successful seasons of Hawaii Five-0.

Most of you also know that Jack Lord was "labeled" a lot of different names, however, someone has always got to be in the drivers seat when the vehicle is moving, and Jack Lord, like it or now, was the DRIVER of this show.  If it wasn't for his dedication, hard work, taskmastery, among other things, would this show have lasted as long as it did, especially after the passing of Leonard Freeman?  If not for an actor as dedicated as Jack Lord, my opinion is that the show would have folded after Lenny's passing, but Jack, being as he was, kept the series going by picking up where Freeman left off.  Lenny Freeman himself once said in an interview that Jack Lord was an actor whom any director would love to work with because he was dedicated, hard working and always on time!  Did he get upset when things didn't to right?  Well, don't you get upset when things don't go right?   I do!  That's probably why I have ulcers!!

We know that  Steve McGarrett and his men were invited into many, many homes, week after week, after week and some 32 years later, people are still leaving their doors open to receive this marvelous man and his fantastic team!   That's why so many of the shows fans are going through withdrawal now since WGN has removed Hawaii Five-0 from it's lineup, and worse yet, they don't have any taped versions to watch!

Now, I can remember The Rockford Files.    However that show didn't pull me week after week.  Rockford Files had light comedy, especially between Jim Rockford and his dad, Rocky.   What I did learn after doing a little "background" check on Jim, was that these two men had a few things in common.

For instance, Jack went off to sea every summer starting at age 14 and enjoyed painting as he sailed.  Jim joined the Merchant Marines at the age of 16.

Both men were their own worse critics. Jack and Jim, were both "self-critical".

Both men liked privacy and both shunned publicity, especially the type from the "gutter presses".

James Garner was born James Scott Bumgarner on April 7, 1928 in Norman, Oklahoma.  Jim has Cherokee blood in his veins.

Rockford Files ran for 6 seasons, from 1974 to 1980.

Hawaii Five-0 ran for 12 seasons, from 1968 to 1980.

So, my question is, how did the Rockford Files place #1 in the July TV Guide and our infamous Hawaii Five-0 #9?  I still don't know!  I may have to get the "gentlemen" out on this one!




Cindy Kimura

Iím am new to Hawaii Five-0 fandom and only found out about it within the last two years. I started watching Five-0 because I was finally going to Oahu and wanted to know what it looked like. I realized Oahu would have changed some but I still knew parts of the island hadnít changed. Besides I wasnít able to find any Magnum, P.I. reruns on TV at the time.

So I started watching Five-0 and realized I was a big fan of James MacArthur and his character, Dan Williams. I had gone to the other web sites that had fan fiction and this reinforced my enjoyment of the character.

I finally got enough courage to write James MacArthur a fan letter, my very first. I was informed him how much I enjoyed the show and his acting ability. I truthfully wasnít expecting a response or maybe a form letter, as I know he gets inundated with letters everyday and would not be able to spend time on each reply.

Much to my surprise and enjoyment, Jim, if I could be so bold, replied to my letter. It was a short personal note informing me that my letter had brought him some pleasure and he felt it necessary to respond.

In reading the letter, I could hear his words and friendliness ooze from each word. Iíll admit my hand shook when I received the letter as it was my first fan letter.

I encourage you to write to your favorite actors and they will respond in kind. Since my experience with James MacArthur, I am going to write other fan letters to actors who have influenced me in their movies.


Channeling TV's Theme Songs

Recently there was a "contest" on the Internet looking for the best 25 themes in TV history.  When the votes were counted, the results (from 1 to 25 and listed by program, not necessarily by song title) were as follows:

The Sopranos, Ally McBeal, Friends, Jeopardy, Cheers, Laverne & Shirley, The Jeffersons, Barney Miller, Good Times, M*A*S*H, Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, Sanford & Son, All in the Family, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Brady Bunch, Scooby-Doo - Where Are You, Hawaii Five-0, Batman, The Monkees, Gilligan' Island, The Addams Family, The Beverly Hillbillies, The Andy Griffith Show, The Flintstones and The Twilight Zone. 

By our count, that makes one game show, three dramas, eighteen comedies and three cartoons.  Kind of makes you wonder just who voted doesn't it!!!


Hawaii Five-0 - the Beginning

(from the Fall Preview 1968 TV Guide)

Hawaii Five-0 is a mythical special investigative  branch of the Hawaiian police force - motorized, computerized, specialized and tough.  It deals with spies, double agents, dope dealers, doom dealers and other more insidious forms of fiends.  It's top man is Steve McGarrett (Jack Lord, below), a rough, freewheeling cop in the Mannix mold out of James Bond.  (He "takes orders only from the governor ... and God.  And sometimes they have trouble.")  McGarrett and his men (James MacArthur, Kam Fong and Zulu - who not only is rough but a funny fellow too) are the creme de la creme, working out of the splendid state capitol ("... the only royal palace on American soil"), and allowed the freedom to deal with the baddies as they will - which is very cleverly, and not at all gently.  Visually, the series offers the Hawaiian landscape, some zingy modern sets, and lots and lots of girls.  Debut:  Sept. 26.

advertising promo. McGarrett running surrounded by a white lei and scattered bullets


Tao of Steve

There's a new movie out called "The Tao of Steve" that has quite a few references to Steve McGarrett and Five-0.  The movie is a cute comedy about an overweight slacker named Dex who despite all odds has great success with women.

His secret is a philosophy which he calls the "Tao of Steve."  By studying famous Steves such as Steve McGarrett and especially Steve McQueen, Dex has learned how to be cool and charm women into the sack.  There are several Five-o references and also some really neat songs in the movie, including a slowed-down version of the Five-0 theme.

The movie is pleasant and has a satisfying ending as Dex realized the "Tao of Steve" might be a bit shallow as a basis for any kind of real future.   You might need to look around a little for the movie, as it's more of an art-house type than a mainstream movie, but it's worth checking out.  (Liz Clare)




Cindy Kimura

Aloha everyone.

Just wanted to give you a little guided tour of some local delicacies of the islands. I feel Iím lucky in that my in-laws are from Oahu and when I went there, they introduced me to all the local stuff.

Just to let you know how important food is, my husband and sister-in-law had a list of places we had to eat at when we were there. All the local favorites are known for their specialties and we had to eat at each and everyone.

But, my first taste of a local favorite was malasadaís. I had heard about them for years from my in-laws so I was anxious to try them. The most famous is Leonardís located all over the island but their main location is tiny bakery on Kapahulu Ave. on the way to H-1.

When you first see this store, you donít think many people would visit, in reality ever time we went there the two weeks we were on Oahu, a small line waited.  So every local knows about Leonardís and malasadaís.

Now the hard part is describing the taste and texture of a malasada. Think of a donut only richer and sweeter. For those who have been fortunate who have had Krispy Kreme donuts, the flavor is similar to the taste. A very yeasty dough this is not like your normal donut. Small in size and filled with raisins, they are rolled in either a sugar or cinnamon sugar mixture.

However, they are very deceiving eat two or three and you may find yourself with a stomachache. These little doughnuts are very rich, made with butter and all the other fattening stuff. The key to malasadaís is to eat them hot, because after a few hours they become hock ey pucks.

I became hooked on them while I was there and my mother-in-law was an enabler knocking on our hotel room door we would find Leonardís bags and boxes filled with these little delicacies. When we went to pick up my sister-in-law from the Honolulu airport we made sure  we had the malasadaís waiting for them and they quickly disappeared.

My habit was so intense I went in search on the Internet for them. I found numerous recipes and they are some mixes for them. Iíll admit they are pretty close to Leonardís but not the same as if you were there.

I recommend the next time you are on Oahu, try a malasada and you will be hooked for life.


A Store That McGarrett Would Love

In our last issue, Leilani Kimmel-Dagostino gave us the lowdown on Hilo Hatties, the store of Aloha!  She told us of the new store which had opened in California and carried long-sleeved aloha shirts.  Perfect for the Jack Lord look we all want to achieve!  Also, in another issue, she told us all about the wonders of the Kings Hawaiian Bakery.  Well, in July, I moved my family from Massachusetts to the northwestern part of Tennessee.  One of the most popular products in the grocery stores is the sweet bread from Kings Hawaiian.  The bread and rolls have become staples in our house! 

As for Hilo Hatties, there is a new store in Nashville at the Opry Mills (only a 45 minute drive from the new house!)  Boasting the second largest aloha shirt in the world, it is doing a booming business since opening just one year ago.   I haven't found any long-sleeved shirts, but the macadamia nuts are great!   I've been told that they are also planning to open in Florida and I think Arizona, but don't quote me on that one.  So, if you are in the Nashville area, check out the Opry Mall and of course Hilo Hatties!

And while I'm on the subject of moving, we left Springfield around the 25th of July and part of our trip was via Route 84 through Pennsylvania.  We made a pit stop at a McDonalds shortly after crossing the border and while pulling out of the parking lot, my kids spotted a black Jeep with Hawaii 5 0 on the back window.  I wanted to stop and see who was driving the car, but my kids pitched a fit so we continued on our way.  So, to whoever was driving that Jeep, I'd just like to say that it was almost nice to have met you!!  (Debbie)



(From the Long Island Press, 1972)

The next time you see Steve McGarrett  of Hawaii Five-0 charging down the stairs of a Honolulu bowling alley or running after a suspect down a Chinatown alley, enjoy the scene.  Chances are it is one of the most expensive in television.

It is part of what star Jack Lord calls "burning reality into the screen."  And almost everyone n location here where the show is in its fourth season and consistently ranked in the top five agrees that Five-0's efforts to shoot outside the studio is a big reason for its success.

There are no rubber rocks and papier-mache trees.  Instead, there are real hospitals, real crime laboratories, genuine multi-million-dollar estates and seaworthy yachts that belong to real live people.

"It's a lot of trouble," said Lord.  "But it's worth every bit of it.  When you go to a morgue, a real morgue, and you can smell the formaldehyde, the scene takes on a certain reality.  There is a pungent odor of death."

Paul Stanley, one of Five-0's most successful directors, agrees.   "You can't kid the public anymore.  They are too sophisticated.   They won't buy backdrops.  You've got to go outside."

And outside Hawaii Five-0 goes - through teeming Chinatown alleys, into lavishly decorated homes in Honolulu's Kahala area, even into Governor John A. Burns private office.  Five-0 has set off explosions on the tawny slopes of Diamond Head crater, shot brawls in some of the town's classiest night clubs.

"We go anywhere the script dictates," said production manager Bernie Oseransky who estimates that about three-fourths of Hawaii Five-0 scenes are shot outside.  "It helps to get as many landmarks in as possible.  A lot of people have been here and when you tell them you re in Hawaii, you had better be in Hawaii."

Sometimes the script dictates going to another island, such as Maui, where the show called "Paniolo" - Hawaiian for cowboy - was filmed.  The script called for McGarrett to chase a criminal on a horse, and Maui, known as the valley isle, provided the perfect backdrop.


Jack Lord Memorial

The Memorial project to honor Jack Lord is well underway. The committee was very successful on their recent trip to Hawaii to get the project underway. The sculptor for the project is Sean Brown, a Hawaiian artist well known for his talent through other pieces in Honolulu. The site for the Memorial is on the grounds of the Kahala Mall. The management and owners considered it an honor to have their mall chosen - especially since Jack was a frequent shopper there!! One other bonus to the mall location is that it may now allow the designers to add water to the actual monument which is approximately 12 - 13 feet tall.

A fundraising project is underway.   Calendars will be available December 1, 2000.  This year we will be offering two calendars.  One features pictures of Jack and the other features screen captures from the first season of Hawaii Five-0.  These are home-published calendars, printed on quality cardstock paper.  The cost is $10 each which includes postage.  All the proceeds from this venture are going to the Jack Lord Memorial fund.  If you would like a calendar, please send a check or money order made out to:  The Hawaii Five-0 Fan Club and mail to:  The Hawaii Five-0 Fan Club, c/o 682 Durham Road, Adams, TN 37010.  Be sure and indicate which calendar you would like.   Multiple orders are certainly welcome!

Anyone wishing to make a donation directly to the Memorial Fund may do so by sending a check or money order to: The Jack Lord Memorial Fund, 999 Kalapake Street, Honolulu, HI, 96825 where vice chairman Doug Mossman will see they are properly recorded. Please include your name, address and telephone number with the donation.

     concept of the memorialinscription on the memorial

For more information on the memorial, check out the website at www.jacklord.co.uk


And now a word from our sponsors:

Anyone interested in copies of Hawaii Five-0 episodes (mostly all full versions) can contact Barbara Brindle at 105 Warren Road, Sparta, NJ 07871.  (phone 973-729-9232 - she does not have email)  Barbara's rates are very reasonable and she's very reliable. 


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We are looking for the following Jack Lord episodes on VHS: Dr. Kildare - A Willing Suspension of Disbelief and the movie The True Story of Lynn Stuart. Anyone who may have information about these programs can contact us at either the fan club or email address listed above.


Memorial contributions can be made to the Jack and Marie Lord Trust c/o Hawaii Community Foundation, 900 Front Street Mall, Suite 1300, Honolulu, HI 96813. This fund was established in 1988 and was set up by the Lordís to benefit their favorite charities. We have been assured that while personal responses are not possible, Mrs. Lord is made aware of all contributions.


From Jerry Picard: he reminded us that last year Kam Fong underwent surgery for cancer. Jerry spoke to Kamís son Dennis and who said his dad was a bit down. Anyone interested in sending cards to wish him well may do so. The address is Kam Fong, c/o Dennis Chun, 2578C-2 Pacific Hts. Rd. Honolulu, HI 96813.


Aloha, see you in January, 2001




























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