Website Owners

Keleka has reactivated the old webring

    If you have an H50 website (or a portion devoted to H50 that is part
    of a larger site), please consider joining the H50 webring.  It's been
    around for quite awhile, but the number of members has dwindled.
    Here's the info.  Let me know if you're interested but need help.
    To become a member of this Ring, visit this URL:<br>;addsite;invite=--invite--
    Need Help? Visit WebRing online help:<br>">

*Note: This is the old webring logo that I had saved. If you want to use this instead of the huge ad logo that comes up when you paste in the sign up code feel free. All you must do is upload this thing to your site and where it says IMG src= yada yada yada........... substitute the name which you saved this pic with and you will get this instead.

Hawaii Five-0 WebRing