Favorite Quotes

(A few years ago, the fan club polled the members on their favorite quotes.  Here are some of the winners.  If you would like to add to this list or a list of least favorites, email us at:  SteveMcGarrett@hawaiifive0.org)

Some new favorites from Peter Harris:

  "Maybe he was the lucky one" used at least twice (in the premiere episode "Full Fathom Five" and in "The Banzai Pipeline".)  In both cases it was spoken immediately after a murderers death and followed by "Book 'em, Danno" as a surviving accomplice has a nice forever in prison.

    "Hold it, Danno.  I want to book this one myself.  I think Chin would have liked that."  The last line of the 10th season episode "A Death in the Family" when McGarrett has grabbed Chin Ho Kelly's murderer and terrorized him into a blubbering wreck.

    "Open the window, Danno.  It's rank in here."  McGarrett to Danno after a crooked investigator caught in his own blackmail scheme, flees McGarrett's office in "All the Kings Men".

    "Hey, cut that out.  You want to ruin their act?"  Same episode, when McGarrett goes to serve a subpoena on ex-mobster Mike Finney (Games Gregory) and Finney's Dobermans charge him, to lick his face.  Spoken by bodyguard Rudy, played by Charles Gilbert.

    "This place is just Cleveland with coconuts!?"  Spoken at the beginning of "Blood Money is Hard to Wash" in the ninth season by a mobster (Dane Clark) hoping to set up his own organized crime ring in Hawaii (and failing embarrassingly!)

    "Aloha!  Aloha, suckers!"  The last line in "3,000 Crooked Miles to Honolulu" in the fourth season when McGarrett corners a group of con artists about to flee on a chartered plane.  His line immediately preceding is quite good too.  "This is not the captain.  And your stay here will average 15 to 20 years!"

    "Let's do lunch sometime."  McGarrett's brush-off to a Federal agent (Alan Fudge) investigating the murder or a relocated witness in "The Two Faced Corpse" in the seventh season.  At the end of the episode, the Federal agent fires McGarrett's line right back at him, to both men's amusement.

    "One shot, over the head, one time."  Also from "The Two Faced Corpse" when McGarrett has cornered a gunman (Sam Elliott) who has just shot McGarrett and another cop during a botched "sting" operation.  Are policemen ever this sporting?  (Incidentally, the shooter was lying in wait for McGarrett and drew a bead on him, but just barely nicked him in the arm)

    "I want a noose around them and I want it tight" during the final chase in "Diary of a Gun" in the seventh season as McGarrettt tries to catch the latest owner (Beau Van den Ecker) of a much-traveled .25 automatic.  Of course, Hawaii doesn't have a death penalty (and I don't know if they ever employed hanging in the years as a kingdom-republic-territory) but Van den Ecker manages to commit suicide-by-cop anyway.  He shoots out the blue light on top of a police car and a sniper drills him.  Note:  earlier that season, McGarrett had thwarted a lynching in "We Hang Our Own".

    "Book me, Danno!"  A classic!  The only good thing about "The Bark and the Bite" in the eleventh season as McGarrett realizes he broke the law by getting a dog out of quarantine.  It's the last line of the show and is accompanied by one of McGarrett's very few smiles!

  Just after the sleazy gangster Tasi leaves McGarrett's office, Danno says, "Everybody count your fillings."  (A Matter of Mutual Concern)

  Same episode, same scene, Kono says, "Are those lizard shoes he wears or does he just go barefoot?"

  On being told that a suspect says that he was with a blonde, playing gin, Danno says, "He was with a blonde, but I can't vouch for what they were playing."  (Along Came Joey)

  "Sorry to disappoint you, but it was a package deal."  Danno in Heads, You're Dead"

  "Feel free to use my phone anytime, Danno," Steve to Danno in "Double Exposure"

 Chin goes poking around the auto parts at Oscar's shop.  Oscar tells Chin, "I have  extraordinary powers."  Chin pulls out his Five-0 badge and says, "So do I."  (Turkey Shoot at Makapuu)

  "You make another move for that door and I'll break your leg!"  McGarrett to Big Chicken in "And They Painted Daisies on His Coffin"

  "We would like to see the end."  McGarrett to projectionist Kwan Hi Lim in "The Bells Toll at Noon"

  "What do you want, you venerable pain in the ancestor?"  Lanikai to Chin Ho in "Yesterday Died and Tomorrow Won't Be Born"

  "Some like to play; some like to watch."  Wallis commenting on video equipment in a bedroom to Danno in "Cloth of Gold"

  "It's my job to uncover the truth, wherever it lies, wherever it's buried."  McGarrett to Vera Miles in "Dear Enemy" (actually, this was among the favorite "least" favorite quotes!)

  "Cheer up Danno.  There are 800 women on the Singapore police force!"  McGarrett to Danno in "Year of the Horse"

  "Thank you for your suggestion, Mr. McGarrett.  We continue to benefit from your experience."  Manu Tupou deadpans after Steve "suggests" what the Singapore police should do to tail a suspect.  "Year of the Horse"

  Same episode:  "Beat it, pal.  I don't dig snakes."  McGarrett to snake charmer.




















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