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Wo Fat

McGarrett gets his man!

Hawaii Five-0 Case File 68-1

Name:  Wo Fat

Occupation:  Red Chinese Agent

Mailing Address:  Peking, China

Description:  Round, bald, beady eyes, snappy moustache

Hobbies:  Chess, World Domination, Antagonize S. McGarrett


"Danno, put out a world-wide APB on this character.  You know what he looks like, just add last seen wearing striped pajamas and shoes with secret compartment."


wo fat

Khigh Dhiegh

Who doesn't know him?   He was the Chinese spy and agent Wo Fat, the rogue from 'Hawaii 5-O', McGarrett's main enemy.   His appearances began with the pilot episode in 1968 "Cocoon" and he ended with the final episode, "Woe to Wo Fat" in 1980.

His real  name was Kenneth Dickerson.  He was born 1910 in Spring Lake, New Jersey,  USA . He changed his name to Khigh Dheigh when he became an actor.  Many believe he really was Chinese, but he was actually of English, Egyptian and Sudanese descent.  Nevertheless Khigh Dhiegh was very much interested in the Chinese culture and mystique.  He learned the Chinese language and traditions and was interested in I Ching, the old Chinese oracle and consultation.

Until he became an actor, Khigh Dheigh practiced several occupations: he had a bookshop in New York City, and sold handmade pipes to different celebrity smokers. He also owned  a theatrical talent agency.  Later he studied theatre art with the actor and producer producer David Belasco. In 1961 he won an Obie Award for  his Brodway role in  " Jungle of Cities "    He also guest starred in many well known television programs from televisions Golden Age which includedStudio One, Schlitz Playhouse of Stars, Lux Video Theatre and Playhouse 90.

He became very known in 1962 with the role of Yen Lo, a Chinese agent, in the film "The Manchurian Candidate". It was this role which gave Leonard Freeman the idea to select him for the role of Wo Fat. And the selection was not bad!

In 1975 he starred in a new role for a new TV series: " Chan ". Unfortunately, the series was not accepted and was canceled after the first episode.

His interest in I Ching grew and he founded the  " I Ching Studies Iinstitute " in L A.  He also wrote a book about it: I CHING: TAOIST BOOK OF DAYS '

His wife was Mary Dickerson, with her he had 2 children: Kenneth Dickerson Jr, and Kathleen Dickerson and his granddaughter Letitia Dickerson.

Khigh Dhiegh died on 25 October 1991 in Mesa, Arizona, at the age of 81 years at kidney and heart failure.

From the Internet Movie Data Base:

1.Forbidden Nights (1990) (TV)... Lu Ming 

2."Noble House " (1988) (mini) TV Series... Four finger Wu 
    ... aka " James Clavell's Noble House " (1988)

3.Goin ' Coconuts (1978)... Wong 
4."Khan! " (1975) TV Series... Khan 
5.Judge Dee and the Monastery Murder (1974) (TV)... Judge Dee      
   ... aka Haunted Monastery, The (1974) (TV) 
6.Mephisto Waltz, The (1971)... Zanc Theun 
7.Hawaiians, The (1970)... Dock Chung 
    ... aka master OF the of Iceland (1970)

8.Destructors, The (1968)... King Chou Lai 
9."Hawaii Five o " (1968) TV Series... Wo Fat (1968-76; 1980) 
    ... aka " McGarrett " (1984) (the USA: rerun title) 
10.Hawaii Five o: Cocoon (1968) (TV)... Wo Fat 
11.Seconds (1966)... Davalo 
12.How to of Murder Your Wife (1965) 
13.Fanfare for a Death Scene (1964) (TV) 
14. Frightened Girls (1963)... Kang 
     ... aka Candy Web, The (1963) 
15.Manchurian Candidate, The (1962)... Dr. Yen Lo

16.Time Limit (1957) (as docks Deei)... Colonel Kim 

1."Jake and the Fatman " (1987) in the episode: " Wish You Were Here" (part 1) " 

2."Jake and the Fatman " (1987) in episode: " Wish You Were Here  (part  2)
3. Kung Fu (1972) plays Shan Tsu the Magician in the episode " Alethea"

4."Mission: Impossible " (1966) plays " Toshio Masaki "
in the episode: " Butterfly "  1970

5."Mission: Impossible " (1966) plays " general  " in the episode: " Doomsday "  1969 
6."It Takes a Thief " (1968) in the episode: " to of Catch a Roaring Lion " 1968
7."Wild, Wild West " (1965) plays " DIN Chang " 1968: " Night OF the 
8."Wild, Wild West " (1965) plays " baron Saigo " in   1968: " Night OF Samurai, The " (# 3,6) 1967
 9. "Naked City " 1963

 Thanks to our International Investigative officer, Michelle Druta for the low down on this nasty character!  For more Five-0 fun from Germany, check out Michelle's website.  






















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